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Last Update -10-25-16

I purchased a good portion of the Secrist collection and will be listing them as time permits. Below is info on the collection:

  Most artifacts from the Secrist collection show inscribed farm survey locations: S(outh)1/2 E(ast)1/2 N(orth)E(east) 1/4 S(ection)10 Twp (Township)2 SR12E (South of Range 12 East) WytCo  O (Wyandot County Ohio).   Date Found: between 1861-1930. There were 4 farms: 1) SE1/4....  2) S1/2....  3) W1/2.... 4) NE1/4.... .  W 1/2 is far-and-away the rarest! The first of the 2,000+ points in the Secrist collection sold were in 2001, NONE BEFORE. Secrist gave/traded a few away in the 1910's. The remainder of the collection was unwrapped in 1998 on basement shelves after the death of the 4th generation. Now passed thru 5 generations of the Secrist family, stored in 1951 newspaper (Upper Sandusky) and cardboard boxes, full of dirt and sand.


I have been playing around with the settings for my screen and to get true color of the points it is best if you use the standard mode for your screen.