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2-5/8" Limestone Saddle Bannerstone, Found in Henderson Co. ILL. Ex- Vandever collection. A super saddle banner that is actually affordable only because it's not made of quartz. I've had this banner in my collection for around 6 years and it's pictured in Who's Who #11 and probably Ballangers CHAPA book. Carries a Davis COA. $700 


3-3/4" Wide Banded Slate single notch bannerstone, Found in Holland Michigan by Keith Tanner. I got this directly from Keith and it's just a fantastic find. I love the way the notch is cut into the slate. A rare type $500


6" Highly patinated Hornstone blade. Found in Indiana ex- Schvenko Collection. A saucer sized piece of flint that has the thickest patina I've seen in a while. For sure a hand full. $350


3-3/4" Pipestone historic T-shaped pipe, Found in Ohio Ex- Jan Sorgenfrei collection. Great carved face on the pipe. A small area of the stem has been broken out but this is still an exceptional relic. The pics say more than I can about describing it. $650. ON HOLD


2-3/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson collection. A very well made showy clovis that is made of super high grade Burlington. $875


3-1/2" Banded slate Tube bannerstone, Found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- Stilp Collection. This is a very large tube with very vivid banding on the slate. the bullseyes are used just right on the piece, and nobody would ever question if the piece is old. $700 SOLD


3" Coshocton Thebes, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- John Denune. One of the better Thebes I've offered for sale recently. $225 SOLD


4-1/16" Banded slate pendant, Found in Ohio Co. KY. Ex- Stilp Collection. A great pendant that has great color. Also has a light engraving on both faces and 4 tallies at the top. A better than average pendant. $400 SOLD


3-3/4" Carter Cave Indented base Dovetail, Ex- Joe Macik Collection Catalog number JM F-98, Ex- Roberts Collection. I feel fairly confident in the form and previous collector history to say this piece is from Ohio and most likely Southern Ohio. Pictured in Macik sale catalog page 18 Lot #156. Macik catalog says " got from Dudley Brevard of Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1973 paid $165.00", Macik calls the material Flint Ridge but I'm very confident it's carter cave.  A great piece of flint from a fabulous Ohio collection. $450  

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2-15/16" Hornstone Lost lake, Found in Spencer Co. IN. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Super colors on this lost lake that is almost a sun fish style. $550