3-5/8" Burlington Lost Lake or Pulaski, Found in Tazwell Co. ILL. Ex- Phillips. A High grade of glossy white burlington with a Bullseye on one side. Nicely ground base and a great bevel on the blade! Small minor and old tip nip keep it affordable. A handful of lost lake!  $150


4-1/16" Blue/Gray Flint Ridge Un-Fractured base Decatur. Found in Fayette Co. Oh. Ex- Strunk. About as rare as hens teeth, You virtually never see Decatur's without a fractured base and this one is off the charts for size. The piece has a few minor old dings but it displays very nicely and is an absolute no brainer. $750


Mississippian pottery elbow pipe, Found by Larry Wiseman in Hardin Co. TN. near the Tennessee River. Very well made and highly decorated. It has on one side a  motif of a feather or tree and the other side has a turtle. There are stipples all the way around the rim as well. Yes, it is broken and glued and has a slight ding on the rim, but it's still a killer piece and many of them that I have seen are broken in the same place. $280

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2-5/8" Red, pink and cream color flint un-fluted Clovis, Found in North Dakota Ex- Somnarm Collection. Beautiful clovis with exceptional color. It really reminds me of Kay Co. chert from a little further south but I'm not sure what the material really is but it is exotic and very nice. $600


5-5/16" Slate Spine Back Gorget, found in Hardin Co. OH. Ex- David Currie Collection. Currie's collection is pictured in Who's Who #2 which I'm guessing this piece came into his collection after that book was published. Exceptionally large specimen, that has a very unusual spine on the back, almost looks like a shark fin. It has a trait that I like very much as well, it shows evidence of cross lashing in the top right pic and the holes also are worn in the direction of the lashing marks.Extremely nice piece! Comes with a Bennett COA. $950


4-3/8" Sonora Dovetail found in Kenton Co. KY. Ex- Thornton Collection. Beautiful patina and color in this dove with great size as well. $650


4" wide double notch butterfly winged bannerstone, found in Highland Co. OH. Ex- Wehrle catalog #2623W. A small amount of edge dings on one wing keeps this piece from being extremely expensive, so that's the bad part. Now for the good! The banding and color are some of the best I've ever seen on any bannerstone. Nobody will ever question if this piece is authentic, it's literally covered in patina and deposits. Look at the bullseye's in the slate on both sides too! $1500 that's cheap for a banner like this! 


7" long Ohio 3/4 groove axe, Found in Adams Co. OH. by  S. Letchworth. Not quite a short pole ax but close. Very refined and well made. the pics don't do it justice. Basically perfect!! $350


4-1/4" Burlington Table Rock, Found in Tazwell Co. ILL. Ex- Phillips.  My camera cannot capture how nice this piece truly is. Probably the finest Table Rock I have ever handled, I'll leave it at that! $300


4-1/4" Sonora lost lake found in Trigg Co. KY. Ex- Danny Robinson. Great piece with wonderful color and size.  Davis COA  $1650

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