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2-1/8" Hardstone grooved plummet, found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. Excellent exmple of the type. $100 ON HOLD


Group of 4 colorful points, Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. Some crazy colors in this group! all nice points. $175


4-3/4" Coshocton Cobbs knife, Found  near W. Rushville, Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde. A huge piece of flint in hand with a great bevel. $130 SOLD


2-1/16" Paoli Kirk, Found in Mason Co. KY. by Jeff Huber. A fantastic smaller kirk that is basically perfect.. $80


Group of 3 coshocton Adena Points found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. All very nice and well made. largest one is 3-1/4". $100


3-3/8" Slate Celt, Found in Maumee Ohio by the Helmke Family. A fairly rare type of celt to see intact, slate tools tend to be broken since it's such a soft material. I've only had a few of these that were in this good of condition. $50


4-1/4" Hardstone Celt, found in Adams Co. OH. Ex- F.P. Hill collection and Ex-A.T. Wehrle, Ex- Joseph Hunter. Very well made celt with a squared up look especially towards the bit. Can't Beat the history on this one. $90


3-1/2" Upper Mercer Classic Thebes, found in Northern Ohio By Elmer Rudolph, Ex- Jon Dickinson. This piece is a very large piece for the type and made of fairly rare material. There is no damage to the piece with the exception of the very small minor edge ding, The tip is made like a samuari sword, which I think it neat. $500


Group of 4 Coshocton points found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. $75


4-3/8" Burlington Sedalia, Found in Central Missouri, Ex- Von Hilliard, Ex- Barton Collection. A nice large lance type point. $100

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