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3" White Flint Ridge Snap base point, found near Groveport Ohio on the Johnson Farm. Good size and exceptionally well made snap base point. Not the highest grade of Ridge but still nice material. $45


2-3/4" Blue Coshocton side notch, Found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- Doug Jones. This is a handful of coshocton, the length is deceving because it feels huge in your hand, it's right at 2" wide. The color in the flint is great too. this is one of the few I kept from the collection. It's also pictured in a magazine (info to the buyer)  $275 ON HOLD


1-1/4" Cahokia type 3 notch point. Found in Illinois Ex- Grindberg. I'm not sure what the material is but it is nice and translucent. I wish I could pin this piece to the Cahokia site but all the info I have is that it is from illinois. Still a killer piece. $225


2" Delaware E-notch Thebes, Found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- Jack Hooks (cat# 100F) Ex- Rob Dills and it looks like a few others that I'm not sure whose numbers they are. Small but fine and Perfect!! I rarely use the term perfect but this little guy is just that and fine too! It has a great collector history with it as well. $140


3-1/8" Del Rio Chert Dovetail, Found in Tennessee Ex- Walter Nelson Collection. A very rare flint type for any piece to be made of especially a dove. It's a beautiful flint that somewhat looks like carter cave but it'sjust a little different. Nice basal thinning on this piece that resembles flute and a fine needle tip. $100


3-3/8" Slate Celt, Found in Maumee Ohio by the Helmke Family. A fairly rare type of celt to see intact, slate tools tend to be broken since it's such a soft material. I've only had a few of these that were in this good of condition. $50


4-1/4" Hardstone Celt, found in Adams Co. OH. Ex- F.P. Hill collection and Ex-A.T. Wehrle, Ex- Joseph Hunter. Very well made celt with a squared up look especially towards the bit. Can't Beat the history on this one. $90


3-1/2" Upper Mercer Classic Thebes, found in Northern Ohio By Elmer Rudolph, Ex- Jon Dickinson. This piece is a very large piece for the type and made of fairly rare material. There is no damage to the piece with the exception of the very small minor edge ding, The tip is made like a samuari sword, which I think it neat. $500


3-1/2" Polished Flint Discoidal, Found in Wayne Co. OH. Ex- Jones. This is the only polished flint disc I've ever seen in Ohio. It's very heavy and just an odd artifact, but very neat. $100


2-3/4" Delaware chert Dog Leg Thebes, Found in Wood Co. OH. Ex- Joseph McClelan. A very finely made dog leg, which is a very scarce type. $145

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