2-1/4" Tan chert Motley found in Northern Kentucky. I'm not sure on the flint type, it could be a low grade carter cave of something that is creek stained. $45


3-1/4" Coshocton Short based Adena, Found in Coshocton Co. OH. Ex- Kilander. You rarely see adena points in coshocton and never this nice. $150


2-3/4"  Coshoction Thebes, Found in Licking Co. OH, Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland. Also has a red "32" written on the piece which looks a lot like Walter Nelson's pen. Crazy color combo on this material that is very striking. The ears have been anciently clipped and the tip has an ancient impact fracture but the piece still displays well. $45


1-3/4" Coshocton intrusive mound point, found in S.W. Ohio. I'm not sure what the writing on the point means so I did not include it with the description (could be easily removed) Razor thin! $40


5-1/2" long hardstone Adze, Found in Summit Co. OH. on the William Sorrick Farm. This is by far the nicest Adze I've ever parted with and I collect them. Came out of a very old N.E. Ohio collection. Bit is perfect! some roughness to the pole end from use. A large high quality collector grade example. $250


6" long 3/4 groove axe made from Tillite, Found in Bulter Co. OH. near Darrtown Ex- Martian. A short poled ohio style axe with decent form and rare material. It does have some ancient damage to the pole end. $65


3-5/8" Adena, found in Osage Co. MO. Ex- Kilander. I'm not sure what the material is but it's nice! Well made and highly colored material. $180


2-3/4" Flint Ridge Dog leg Thebes, found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Macy Hollock. Great no brainer thebes on nice material. $110


2-5/8" Upper Mercer Uniface Tool found in Mercer Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Meuser.  Nice piece with excellent collector history, a rare example of his writing on a piece of flint. $45


5-5/8" Dense slate or hardstone Pendant, Found in Ross Co. OH. Ex- Strunk. Very nice and well made large showy pendant made of a crazy material. Absolutely covered with nice minerialization. A super example to add to any collection. $950

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