2-5/8" Upper Mercer Archaic Side Notch. Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. Nice material and a heavely ground base. $50


2-3/8" Coshocton Notched Base Dovetail. Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. I believe this dove to have two notches on the base instead on one. Highly serrated and great color material. There is a slight nip to the tip. $75


3-1/4" Coshocton Short based Adena, Found in Coshocton Co. OH. Ex- Kilander. You rarely see adena points in coshocton and never this nice. $100


2" Blue/Grey Flint Ridge Pentagonal point, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. 2" is a good size for the type, this one also has the nice middle barbs as well. $55


3" Pink Flint Ridge Nethers Ohio Broad Blade, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. A rare flint type on a rare point type, Great combo. $80


5-1/2" long hardstone Adze, Found in Summit Co. OH. on the William Sorrick Farm. This is by far the nicest Adze I've ever parted with and I collect them. Came out of a very old N.E. Ohio collection. Bit is perfect! some roughness to the pole end from use. A large high quality collector grade example. $250

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6" long 3/4 groove axe made from Tillite, Found in Bulter Co. OH. near Darrtown Ex- Martian. A short poled ohio style axe with decent form and rare material. It does have some ancient damage to the pole end. $65


5-5/8" Dense slate or hardstone Pendant, Found in Ross Co. OH. Ex- Strunk. Very nice and well made large showy pendant made of a crazy material. Absolutely covered with nice minerialization. A super example to add to any collection. $950


3-5/8" Adena, found in Osage Co. MO. Ex- Kilander. I'm not sure what the material is but it's nice! Well made and highly colored material. $140


3" Deleware Chert paleo lance, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. Nice little lance thats no brainer. $75

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