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2-5/8" Upper Mercer Uniface Tool found in Mercer Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Meuser.  Nice piece with excellent collector history, a rare example of his writing on a piece of flint. $45


2-1/2" Flint Ridge Chert Thebes. Found in Green Co. OH. Ex- Davis. Not the highest grade ridge but it's chertier cousin. Still a classic form of a thebes that is bigger in your hand than you think. Darn near perfect! $90


5-5/8" Dense slate or hardstone Pendant, Found in Ross Co. OH. Ex- Strunk. Very nice and well made large showy pendant made of a crazy material. Absolutely covered with nice minerialization. A super example to add to any collection. $950


2-1/8" Flint Ridge Moss Agate Hopewell, found in New Marshfield near Athens Ohio, Ex- Verba Collection, Ex- Dickinson. Nice hopewell on very translucent material. $75


1-7/8" Flint Ridge Nethers Sidenotch, S.W. Ohio piece. Small but darn near perfect with a needle tip and great material. $75


Pair of Coshocton Hopewell Blades, Found in Mercer Co. OH. Ex- Earl Townsend. Both measure right at 2" and are made extremely well. $85


2-3/4" Coshocton Notch base Dovetail. Found in Ohio Ex- Bauer, Ex- Dickinson. Nice grade of coshocton with colors other than black and nice serrations as well. $145


3-3/8" Coshocton Clovis Knife, Found in Hardin Co. OH. near Hog Creek marsh on 1-26-1934 by Russell Long. Super colors and patination on this knife with outstanding find history! Lightly ground on the base with one large flute on one side and several smaller ones on the other. $175


4-1/8" Breathitt Paleo Uniface blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Art Heaton. A very rare material for a paleo knife to be made of, I've only seen a couple others but none as nice as this one. Super finely made! $145

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2-3/4"  Coshoction Thebes, Found in Licking Co. OH, Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland. Also has a red "32" written on the piece which looks a lot like Walter Nelson's pen. Crazy color combo on this material that is very striking. The ears have been anciently clipped and the tip has an ancient impact fracture but the piece still displays well. $45