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3" Flint Ridge Color Blade, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Morlock. Nice colorful piece to help fill a frame. $65 ON HOLD


4-1/4" Celt and Adze combo tool, found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- Doug Jones. A neat multi purpose tool that I've only seen a few of. $60


2-3/4" Hornstone Dovetail, Found in Jefferson Co. KY. by Jim Goodge. Basically perfect little dove that is well made of high grade hornstone. $150


4-1/2" Burlington Uniface Cobbs Knife. Found in Tazwell Co. ILL. Ex- Phillips. This piece is very large and well made, it has a great feeling in hand and actually feels larger than it is. I've never seen a cobbs that was uniface. Neat piece! $65


4-3/4" Banded Slate Glacial Kame Gorget, Found in Delaware Co. OH. Ex- Fraser. Beautiful gorget with great banding, Sure it has a few dings on it but they are for the most part ancient and polished over. Great piece of slate. $240 SOLD


3-1/2" Green Stone Lamoka Faceted Adze. Found in Summit Co. OH. near the town of Stow. Ex- Hamilton. Lamoka faceted adzes and among the rarest of all stone tools and every one of them I have ever seen is made of the same material. It's hard to see the facets in the pics but they are there in the second pic. $75


3-1/8" Upper Mercer Paleo Lance, found in Summit Co. OH. near the town of Stow, Ex- Hamilton. Very nice and large example of an Ohio style Paleo Lance. It does have a few box dings on one edge but it's 99% there. $125


Agate Midland and Blade combo. The midland measures 1-3/16" and the blade is 3-7/8". They were found within inches of each other on private land by Tony Wagner in  Laguna NM. in 2007. I got these from the finder, he had the midland papered by Davis (grade 9) because he wanted to know the type. Also found with these and I'll include it with the group was a section of a milnsand point (not pictured). An excellent opportunity to get some great folsom related tools. $600 for the three pieces.  


5-1/8" Flint Ridge Button Base Dovetail. Found in Bartholomew Co. IN. in April 1982, Ex- Collinder Collection. I can't even say when the last time was that I've seen an authentic flint ridge dove this size offered for sale. Yes it has some edge dings but it try to find one without them. Great color on the patination and you can see some nice cream color spots showing through, Parallel flaked and a nice median ridge on one side. Great piece of ancient art. $975


3" Sonora Intrusive mound point, Found in Harrison Co. IN. by John Mason. Very thin and well made. it does have an ear ding but when was the last time you saw an intrusive mound point this size?  $65

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