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2-1/2" Grey Translucent Pitkins  Fluted Clovis, Found in Greene Co. ARK.  Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson. A fine thin and well made example of a clovis with great color. $800


Brown banded slate salvaged birdstone, found in Barry Co. MI. 4 miles South of Hastings. The head and neck are salvaged off and completely smoothed over. This Bird is pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art, page # 79. the picture isn't great but you can see the salvage on the bird pretty well. I'll include a copy of the page with the bird. $500


2-3/4" Deleware Toothy Serrated Stem Point. Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. I love serrations on points and this one sure has them. I put a question mark on the material just because I think it's probably not Ft. Payne but it looks like it. $95 SOLD


5" Polished Flint Celt, Found in Mason Co. KY. by Jeff Huber. Nice colors on this celt and great polish to the bit. $70


2-1/2" Dalton Classic found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson Collection. I rarely use the term perfect but I believe this piece is perfect and colorful. $350


2-1/8" Delaware chert late paleo fluted point, Found in Butler Co. OH. Ex- Steve Collection. A nice entry level fluted point that is made fairly well. Still a very rare type. $85


2-7/8" Hardstone Drilled plummet, found in Pike Co. ILL. Ex- Dr. Rolland Bunch catalog #469. Very nice piece that is a rare offering, most plummets are grooved and made of hematite. This one has two big pluses, its hardstone and it's drilled. $320


Green banded slate salvaged birdstone, Find location unknown, Ex- Cameron Parks collection. A fine example that is a great study piece for what to look for on authentic birdstones. The front side must have been restored at one point as there is some evidence left from a previous restore job. Great piece from a great collector. $400

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4-5/8" White patinated Four Mile Creek Chert blade, Found in Butler Co. OH. by John Steve. This is a killer piece of Four Mile chert that has patinated out completely white which is unusual and very neat. It still retains some neat blue-ish color to the piece. $80


3-5/8" Pink Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Licking Co. OH. near Newark, Ex - Chapman Collection. Fantastic color,  translucent and has two sided patina as well. It is very hard to get Hopewell points this size with color.  $300 SOLD