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5-3/8" Banded slate expanded center gorget, Found in Ross Co. OH. near the Paint Creek. Ex- Dr. Gordon Meuser catalog 3467/5.

Pictured in The Meuser Collection by Robert Converse pg. 172. Very highly polished piece with outstanding history. I'll include copies of meuser's catalog entry pages with the artifact along with a photo copy of the pic in the book. $950  


2-7/8" Hardstone Drilled plummet, found in Pike Co. ILL. Ex- Dr. Rolland Bunch catalog #469. Very nice piece that is a rare offering, most plummets are grooved and made of hematite. This one has two big pluses, its hardstone and it's drilled. $350

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4" Conch Shell Pendant, Found in Ohio Ex- Raymond Vietzen, Ex- Jim Hawks. Extremely unique piece that is completely stained with Red Ocher and has great collector history. $300 ON HOLD


2-1/8" Harrodsberg Mini Dovetail. Found in Harrison Co. IN. Ex- Jones. These are an extremely rare type, they are proportionate to their larger cousins and just as finely made. $45


4-1/2" long 3/4 groove square axe, found in Chapin ILL. Ex- Denny Benson. A beautifully made axe with the desirable squared form and a semi fluted bottom. $145 SOLD


4-15/16" Bayport Clovis, Found in Newago Co. MI. Ex- Johnstone, Ex- Lewis. An amazing piece of paleo history! I've not seen a clovis this size in a long time. This piece is thin, well made and extremely large. Yes it has two dings, one on the blade edge and one at the base. It would be considerably more expensive without those dings. $1400


2" Flint Ridge Pine Tree style point, Found in Delaware Co. IN. by John Mason. Well made and translucent. about as perfect as they come. $120


3-1/2" Hornstone paleo uniface blade. Found in Clark Co. KY. by Russ Thompson in 1960. What a great paleo tool, uniface and the other side has great flaking. I like that it has flutes on the uniface side and appears to has a fluting nipple at the base. Great piece from a great collector. $80


3-1/16" Flint Ridge Transitional Paleo point. found in Clermont Co. OH. Ex- Strunk. Extremely nice point and a rare type. $140


2-1/2" Glacial Cobble Fluted Clovis, Found in Delaware Co. IN. by John Mason. It has some dings but it's authentic! $280