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4-15/16" Gem Flint Ridge Tool, Found in Ohio Ex- John Mason Collection. The part that looks like a ding is NOT, this is a multi tool and that notch was created to do a specific task. The material is super and is gem quality, quite a bit nicer than what you usually get. This is one neat piece! $165 ON HOLD


2-1/4" Hornstone Exhausted Turkey tail point, Found in Harrison Co. IN. by John Mason. A really neat piece that is perfect, check out the partial bullseye! $50


4-3/4" Off white to Greyish flint Thebes Found in Calhoun Co. ILL. Ex- Dabrowski. I'm not really up on my Illinois flint types but I feel confident that this one is not burlington. $250

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3-3/16" Flint Ridge Quartz vein blade, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Rob Dills, Ex- Morlock. Nice thin flint ridge blade with a sky blue/orange stripe cutting right across it. $85


2-1/8" Knife River Tanged Crescent knife. Found in Ft. Rice ND. Ex- Kilguss. Another rare piece that never comes up for sale. Crazy double sided patina and the piece is very very translucent. Rogers and Davis COAs. $420


4"x2-1/2" x 2-3/4" tall Steatite/chlorite shaft straightener. Highly engraved and polished and a very neat artifact. A great piece in hand. $400


4-1/2" Hornstone paleo uniface blade, found in Glovers Cave by Col. Raymond Vietzen during his excavations in the 1950's. A very colorful piece of hornstone with exceptional history. $140 ON HOLD


3-1/8" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Perry Co. OH. Ex- Strunk. High grade of ridge that is fairly translucent. The previous owner called this a bottleneck but to me it fits Hopewell better. Nice piece! $140 SOLD


3-1/2" Coshocton Short Stem point, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. Nice color and size on this point. $75


3-1/2" Flintridge Button base dovetail section. Found in Ohio Ex- Strunk. Part of what would have been probably a 7" + dove with exceptional color! A restoration project or just enjoy it like it is. $100