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2-3/8" Flint Ridge Serrated Archaic Corner Notch, Found in Pickaway Co. OH. by Dr. Robert Thompson. $75 SOLD


2-1/4" Diameter  Banded Slate Cone, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde, Great hard to get artifact. $65 SOLD


3-5/8" Flint Ridge Adena. Found in Fayette Co. OH. found by  Dr. Robert Thompson. A very well made adena that is nicer than most. $85 SOLD

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5-1/4" White Ohio flint Cache Blade, Found in Ohio From the legendary F.P. Hill collection and carries his signature "H" marking. The Hill collection was purchased by A.T. Wehrle. $90


2-5/8" Bird Dropping coshocton Bifuricate, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde. A nice large example of the type with rare material. $60


3-1/2" Flint Ridge Hopewell blade, Found in Ogle Co. Ill. Ex- Schvenko collection. A blade that is a long way from home and made of great ridge material that is translucent. Super fine and thin! $150 SOLD


3-1/4" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Darke Co. OH. near Greenville. Ex- Cox, Mumaw, Terry Elleman, and Morlock. A handful of ridge for sure, it is fairly translucent and well made. $170 ON HOLD


3-5/8" Patinated Hornstone Benton, Found in Henderson, Co. KY. Ex- Taylor Clayton, Ex- Scott Parks. A good size no brainer example of the type. $75


3-1/2" Coshocton Short Stem point, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. Nice color and size on this point. $60


3-1/2" Flintridge Button base dovetail section. Found in Ohio Ex- Strunk. Part of what would have been probably a 7" + dove with exceptional color! A restoration project or just enjoy it like it is. $100