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5-3/8" Flint Ridge Button Base Dovetail, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. Ex- Jack Hooks, Ex- Rob Dills. This piece is one heavy duty Dove. I've had this piece in my collection for a very long time and it carries my catalog number of SMY0056. The piece was broken in half at some point and glued back together. The glue joint is done well and is extremely tight with zero missing material, it's done so well that most people cannot tell it's been glued. A great dove with super history. $1250 SOLD


4-3/8" Coshocton Meadow Wood, found in Ohio Ex- Walter Nelson Collection. Just an absolute monster of a meadow wood, It's also one of the finest ones I've come across and I've seen a bunch of this point type. If it did not have the slight tang damage I would have kept it for sure. $ 150

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2-1/4" x 1-5/8" Pre-Historic Catlinite Pipe, found in Turmbull Co. OH. near the Grand River, Ex- Brook Eaton, Ex- Massie Nelson, Ex- Kenny Black. Fine pipe which is mostly likely Mississippian or right at Contact period. Has a ring engraved around the bowl and mouth piece and an X on the back side. $550


4-3/4" Bischer chert Adze. Ex- Galban collection who was an OH, NY and PA collector. An extremely rare tool to be made out of flint and this one is fine. You will see celts made out of flint but rarely will you see an adze. Made exceptionally well and just a great relic. $140


2-1/8" Knife River Tanged Crescent knife. Found in Ft. Rice ND. Ex- Kilguss. Another rare piece that never comes up for sale. Crazy double sided patina and the piece is very very translucent. Rogers and Davis COAs. $420


4"x2-1/2" x 2-3/4" tall Steatite/chlorite shaft straightener. Highly engraved and polished and a very neat artifact. A great piece in hand. $400


7-1/8" Cotaco Creek Blade, Found in Hardin Co. TN. by Larry Wiseman. I'm not up on my Tennessee lithics so I'm not sure what the white material is called, It looks a lot like the white flints we get here in Ohio but I'm certain there is an outcropping of white flint in TN too. Extremely large and well made blade, with fine Cotaco edge work along the top portion of the blade. I love how the piece looks like a dagger!. $550


3" Coshocton Hopewell, Found in Perry Co. OH. Ex- Gilliam. What and awesome color combo on this piece, Black and orange specks. fairly large and well made piece with great color. $80 SOLD


4-3/8" Cobden Hornstone Bi-pointed blade, found in Calhoun Co. ILL. Ex- Grindberg. Very high grade of Cobden on this piece that is well made and very thin. It reminds me of how thin turkey tails are. Also has an old price of $1.50 on it, I love those old prices and wish I could get them for those prices still. $80 ON HOLD


2-1/2" Heat treated Delaware chert Adena, Found in Franklin Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland. Nice color affordable piece from the flint kings collection. $ 25 ON HOLD