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2-1/4" Coshocton Ohio Lost Lake. Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. Very rare form in Ohio and this one is made of very high grade coshocton. $100


Group of Hopewell flint ridge bladelets, All found in Butler Co. OH by Walter Reasch. many of these are the nicer 3 facet bladelets, all are made of high quality colorful flint ridge. Largest one is 2-3/8" long. $125 for the group (frame not included).  ON HOLD


4-3/4" Off white to Greyish flint Thebes Found in Calhoun Co. ILL. Ex- Dabrowski. I'm not really up on my Illinois flint types but I feel confident that this one is not burlington. $250

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5-1/4" White Ohio flint Cache Blade, Found in Ohio From the legendary F.P. Hill collection and carries his signature "H" marking. The Hill collection was purchased by A.T. Wehrle. $125


2-1/8" Knife River Tanged Crescent knife. Found in Ft. Rice ND. Ex- Kilguss. Another rare piece that never comes up for sale. Crazy double sided patina and the piece is very very translucent. Rogers and Davis COAs. $420


2-3/4" Coshocton Deep notch, found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. Crazy colors of coshocton in this piece and a great form. $100


3-3/4" Hornstone Lost Lake, Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. This one is out of place to be found so far north in Ohio, but there it was in a frame with all obvious ohio points. I love the blue quartz inclusions near the tip of this piece. It is a Strong candidate for restoration as well. $65 SOLD


3-1/2" Coshocton Paleo Stemmed Lance. Found in Muskingum Co. OH. By Rocky Falletti of Dresden Ohio, Ex- Al Wakefield collection. I would almost call this a stringtown lance it has the hint of a barb at the bottom of the base like a Stringtown. It's a killer paleo! $145


3-1/2" Coshocton Short Stem point, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. Nice color and size on this point. $65


3-1/2" Flintridge Button base dovetail section. Found in Ohio Ex- Strunk. Part of what would have been probably a 7" + dove with exceptional color! A restoration project or just enjoy it like it is. $100