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9-1/2" x 5" Full groove axe, Found in Franklin Co. OH. by Dan Pelcarski. This is the largest full grove ax in my collection. I have had it for around 7 years. It just doesn't sit right with all the other 3/4 groove axes on my shelf and I've been thinning the herd a little bit lately too. Extremely nice for a full groove ax, great polish to the bit and just a huge axe overall. $550 ON HOLD


1-7/8" Banded Slate Miniature Tube bannerstone, Found in Wayne Co. MI. Ex- Braun, Ex- Ed Payne, Ex- Gilbert Dilley, Ex- Keil. Very fine example of a mini Tube banner. The Slate is also super high grade with excellent banding. $700

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2-3/4" Knife River Flint Hopewell Blade found in Fairfield Co. OH. Ex- Rentschler Collection. Rare is all I really need to say about this one. I can't even remember the last time I had a piece of KRF from Ohio. $100


3-3/4" Slate pendant, found on the border or Ohio and Indiana in Hamilton Co. OH. by G. Tuft. A somewhat crude form but it is a complete piece and there is no chance that anyone could ever question it's authenticity. $100


5-5/8" Hornstone Harrison Turkeytail, Found in Indiana Ex- Sedgwick, Ex- Dickinson. Very high grade of hornstone almost cobden like. Has lots of residual ocher along the blade edges. The piece is very thin, well made and large. I wish I had more info on the piece but the previous collector kept poor records. $600


4-1/2" White flint Hip roof Dovetail, Found in Montgomery Co. Ky By Russ Thompson in 1962. Beautiful large dove with great history. $650 


5-3/8" Banded slate Gorget, Found in Jefferson Co. OH. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Extremely large and fine example of a rectangular gorget. It has faintly engraved on it Jefferson Ohio, so faint I can only see it in the right light. It also has some ancient engraving on it of dashed lines and other indecernable lines.  The size and fineness of this piece is unbelievable. $1000


Group of cut and drilled shell beads from Ross Co. OH. Ex- P. Cherry Collection of Ft. Wayne Ind. Neat examples of some very rare artifacts. Comes with an old tag that looks like its from a super old mail order relic catalog. $100


2-3/4" Delaware Chert Deep notch Thebes. Found near Bainbridge Ross Co. OH. Ex- Mitch Lewis. About as fine of an example of a deep notch as I have ever seen. Very finely made and has great serrations. A large example for the type. One edge nick keeps this piece from having a one in front of the two on the price, and it staying in my collection. $300


5-15/16" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Harrison Co. OH. Ex- Dave Marlatt, Ex - Eric Wagner. Huge piece of colorful flint ridge. The pics don't do it justice on the color, it has yellow, orange, dark brown, cream and hints of blue. It is very thin overall with max thickness being no more than about 1/4". $700