4-1/4" Greyish White flint Thebes, found in Illinois, Ex- Weaver, Ex- Vahle. Great piece with an old tang ding, which keeps it affordable. $180


9-1/8" Tan flint Ramey Knife, Found in Clermont Co. OH. Ex- T. Scott Collection. By far the largest knife I've ever sold. It is beyond long! the spot that looks like a ding is actually worked that way probably for hafting purposes. Long, thin and well made!  $1500


Group of cut and drilled shell beads from Ross Co. OH. Ex- P. Cherry Collection of Ft. Wayne Ind. Neat examples of some very rare artifacts. Comes with an old tag that looks like its from a super old mail order relic catalog. $80


2-3/8" Coshocton Pentagonal, found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde. A solid example of the type with good size. $75

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4-1/4" Carter Cave Uniface blade, Found in Boyd Co. Kentucky. Ex- Sonram. A huge well made blade that is made of high quality carter. $110


4-1/4" Flint ridge uniface blade, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Thompson. I call this piece the raptor claw. It's an unusual piece for sure and a truly one of a kind. $80 ON HOLD


1-7/8" Banded Slate Miniature Tube bannerstone, Found in Wayne Co. MI. Ex- Braun, Ex- Ed Payne, Ex- Gilbert Dilley, Ex- Keil. Very fine example of a mini Tube banner. The Slate is also super high grade with excellent banding. $700


2-1/2" Coshocton basal notch, found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde. A very rare type and I may not even be correct on the typology its just what fits best in my brain. A fine point. $60

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1-3/8" Tourquise disc bead. I have no info on the origin of the piece it was in a frame of Ohio pieces I got in an auction. It is probably SW in origin but I can't say. $50


Pair of Cobbs Knives found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. Both are about 4-1/2" Long. The grey one is Upper Mercer flint and the brown one could be a form of Plum Run since it has a little bit of purple/red in it. $150 for the pair ON HOLD