2-11/16" Flint Ridge orange/yellow color Blade, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Morlock. Nice piece of color to fill a frame. $45 ON HOLD


3" Tan chert re-pourposed half Thebes. found in SE Indiana. A very strange point. it was for sure a deep notch thebes which probably broke and was resharpened to continue use. This is the only one like it I've ever seen. $70


5-1/4" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. I believe this piece to be an un-finished dovetail, the way it is made along with the outline of the piece look like a dove. The material is highly patinated out to a golden brown/yellow color. $175 SOLD


3-1/16" Upper Mercer Ft. Ancient Blade, Found in Hancock Co. OH. Ex- Mathews. Very large and fine Ft. Ancient Blade made of high grade mercer flint. $100

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2-5/8" Coshocton Dog Leg Thebes, found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde, A rare variety of thebes, Well amde and nice material. $75 SOLD


4" Avon Chert Thebes, Found in Fulton Co. ILL. near Astoria, Ex- George Weaver, Ex- David Hill, Ex- Tracy Kaufmann. Pictured in a 1942 publication " Indian Relics and their values" By Allen Brown. This piece has no damage to speak of, the tangs are sharpened the way you see them. One of the better white ones I got in a group. $350


3-1/8" Hornstone Dovetail with indented base, Found in Kentucky Ex- Barton Collection. The piece has a few honest dings but it's all there and old. $65


3-5/8" Coshocton Side Notch, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. By Raymond Hyde. A very well made example made of high quality material. $80


2-1/16" Translucent agate Drill, Found in Illinois Ex- Grinderberg collection. I'm not sure if this is Knife River flint or Kaolin or some other agate I'm not aware of. Might be a dalton drill with the concave base but I'm not sure on the type. Very translucent and well made and used down to exhaustion. A great piece for your drill frame. $55

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1-15/16" Carter Cave Thebes. Found in Greenup Co. KY. by Don Barker. Thebes made of Carter Cave are super rare, I'm not sure why but you never see them made of carter. $45