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4-1/2" Porphyry Celt, Found in Richland Co. OH. by Doug Jones. This was one of the best celts Doug had found and the material is just outstanding!. Basically a perfect piece and super material. $160 ON HOLD

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3-3/4" Speckled granite Celt, Found in Richland Co. OH. by Doug Jones. A fine example of the type with very showy material. $65 SOLD


3-3/8" Hornstone Adena, Found in Christian Co. KY. Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland. Nice adena made from high grade hornstone and from a great old time collection. $45


3-9/16" Upper Mercer crossed with Pipe Creek Ft. Ancient blade. Found in Wayne Co. OH. Ex- Snider Collection. Very nice showy material and large for the type. $65


2-5/8" Delaware Chert Thebes, Found in Coshocton Co. OH. Ex- Lewis. Darn near perfect as they get and very well made. Classic Thebes style and just a great piece. $100 SOLD


3-1/16" Upper Mercer Ft. Ancient Blade, Found in Hancock Co. OH. Ex- Mathews. Very large and fine Ft. Ancient Blade made of high grade mercer flint. $100


3-1/4" Wayne County Chert Lost lake. Found in Kentucky Ex- Walter Nelson Collection. Extremely rare to find a lost lake made out of this material and from a famous old time collection. the only real damage the piece has is the ding just above the one tang, that tang is actually anciently sharpened down. This piece is thin and fine!! $300


3-7/8" Banded Slate Coffin pendant. Found in Northern Ohio Ex- Baker. The piece is somewhat dinged up and exfoliated but it displays very well from one side and has excellent banding and color. Nice piece! $100


2-1/16" Translucent agate Drill, Found in Illinois Ex- Grinderberg collection. I'm not sure if this is Knife River flint or Kaolin or some other agate I'm not aware of. Might be a dalton drill with the concave base but I'm not sure on the type. Very translucent and well made and used down to exhaustion. A great piece for your drill frame. $90


3-1/2" Pipecreek blade, found in Northern Ohio Ex- Baker. Extremely large piece of pipe creek flint with great colors. The flaking is also finer in hand than the pics show. $100 SOLD