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6" Wide Hardstone Gorget, Found in Wyandot Co. OH. near Wharton by William Secrist on 8-1-1901. Very large, no brainer gorget. I believe it is made of some sort of fine grain Schist. A very nice large gorget with great history. $400

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4" High color Sonora Hopewell Snyders, Found in Kentucky Ex- Walter Nelson Collection.This is the first Sonora Snyders I have seen and it's a big one with outstanding colors too. I think the pics speak for them self and add in the great collector history on it makes this an investment grade piece. $350


2-1/2" Upper Mercer Pine tree, Found in Butler Co. OH. Rare to see the type in Ohio but not out of the question. $45


2-5/8" Cobden Hornstone corner notch, Found in Indiana Ex- Walter Nelson. This piece is pretty neat because it is polished.  Polished flint is a rarity, I'm not sure what the use was for it, but it is cool and this one has the collector history to make it highly collectable. $125


2-7/8" Upper mercer/ Coshocton variant Thebes, Found 1 Mile east of Antwerp in Paulding Co. OH. Ex- Robert Converse. Good color, exact provinence and from a very prominant collection. What more could you ask for? $140


4-3/8" Burlington Mehlville Found in Hardin Co. Ill. in 1906 Ex- Walter Nelson. A huge handful of burlington chert with great collector history. Did I mention it's a handful!! $200


3-3/8" Coshocton Paleo blade, Found in Wayne Co. OH. Ex- Snider Collection. Very nice colors on this blade with blue, shades of gray and some neat cortex like material. Also sports a flute on one side. $55


5-1/4" Flint Ridge Hopewell Blade, Found in Wyandot Co. OH. near Wharton by William Secrist on 5-22-1911. Very heavy patina on this piece, so much that the pics didn't show the color well. A huge piece of ridge!! $200


3-3/8" White flint Dalton, Found in Indiana Ex- Marion "Horsefly" Bush, Ex- Marvin Gilley. I'm not 100% on what to call the flint, but it is a nice glossy white. Finely made and very thin, a great example of a dalton. Lightly fluted on both faces, and ground nicely as well. The piece is pictured in Who's Who #2 in Bush's collection, it's not front and center but you can make it out in his frames in the display case. Comes with a Davis COA. My catalog number SMY0138 $800


2" polished slate hopewell, Anciently polished, Found in Butler Co. OH. I always find these pieces very odd. Why did they polish them? $50