3-1/8" Flint Ridge Nethers Pentagonal, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. By Raymond Hyde. A huge example of the type and a darn shame it's missing a tang. $65


4-3/16" Highly patinated Hornstone blade, found in Kenton Co. Kentucky Ex- Barton Collecion. A nice well made blade. $70


2-7/8" Upper mercer/ Coshocton variant Thebes, Found 1 Mile east of Antwerp in Paulding Co. OH. Ex- Robert Converse. Good color, exact provinence and from a very prominant collection. What more could you ask for? $140


2-3/4" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Butler Co. OH. near Oxford Ex- Reasch. Super double sided patina. A nice hopewell for the money. $45 SOLD


3-1/4" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Wood Co. OH. Ex- Morlock. Nice large example of the type made of great material. $75


2-3/8" Quad? Found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Suren Collection. This is another point that to me would be called a quad up here, not sure if I'm correct but it's a killer point that is very well made and super thin. $200


1-3/4" Carter cave Drill, found in Mason Co. KY. by Jeff Huber. A superior Ft. ancient drill, probably the nicest one I've come across. $50


Group of 4 Hematite pieces found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde. one is a celt, one is a game ball and the other two are plummets. $120 for the group.

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3-3/8" Burlington Hardin, Found in Missouri, Ex- Raymond Blake collection of Independence MO. The Blake collection is pictured in Who's who #6, I have not looked to see if this piece is pictured there. A ding to the base keeps this piece from being very expensive. $160


3-3/4" Banded Slate Gorget. Found in Fayetteville, Brown Co. OH. by Wade Fischer on his farm. Some minor impliment damage mostly just scratches, the larger damaged portion is smoothed over and salvaged anciently. $140

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