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2-1/4" Upper Mercer Serrated Heavy Duty, Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. A small but very well made example of the type with great material. $65


3-1/2" Upper Mercer Paleo Lance, Found in Mahoning Co. OH. Ex- Mullin Collection. Super thin, well made and great material on this piece. A very rare artifact. $200

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1-5/8" Flint Ridge Thebes, Found in Ohio Ex- Jerry Lute, John Spires, and Don Potter. Exceptional  color and Craftsmanship on this little guy. $100


2-1/2" Burlington Afton, Found in Pike Co. ILL. Ex- Barton Collection. A nice basally notched typed point, Thispoint has a nice hint of a blue/grey color. $65


2-1/2" Red and White Bottle neck type point. Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. I'm not sure what to call the material but it is pretty. $60


4-1/4" Harrodsberg chert? Classic Hardin, Found in Jersey Co. ILL. Ex- John Ferguson Collection, Pictured in Who's Who #6 Pg. 156. A true handful of flint that is very well made with great history. $280


2-15/16" Pink Swirl Nethers flint ridge Sidenotch. Found in Ohio Ex- Barton Collection. A beautiful piece of flint. $85


Cache of Paleo tools found in Deleware Co. IN. by John Mason. Many are broken but there are at least 5 that are complete or very close to it. the largest one is broken and glued, it measures 3-1/4" long. $300 for the group of 11


3" Purple and tan Ft. Payne Kirk, Found in Kentucky Ex- Barton collection, A very rare color on Ft. Payne material, sometimes you get a small spot or two of purple but this piece is roughly 1/4 purple. $80


3-1/8" Upper mercer Ohio Stemmed point, Found in Stark Co. OH. Ex- McBeth, Ex- Wehrle. A very thin point made of showy material. $65