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2-3/8" Sonora Intrusive Mound point, Found in Harrison Co. IN. by John Mason. Great point great material. $50


2" Four Mile creek intrusive mound / Jack's Reef. Found in Butler Co. OH. Super well made and razor thin. Dings keep it from being a 10. $40


1-5/8" Flint Ridge Thebes, Found in Ohio Ex- Jerry Lute, John Spires, and Don Potter. Exceptional  color and Craftsmanship on this little guy. $100


3" Pink Quartz hammerstone. Found in Wyandot Co. OH. near Wharton by William Secrist. Very fine pink quartz hammer with a neat dimple on the pole end of the piece. One of the nicer ones I've had!  $65


2-3/4" Blue Coshocton Bifuricate, Found in Delaware Co. IN. by John Mason. small ding but what a bifuficate!! outstanding color and super well made. $55 SOLD


4-3/4" Coshocton Red Ocher Blade, Found near Groveport Ohio on the Johnson Farm. Very large pics of coshocton that is certianly  ahndful of flint. It also has some very nice coloration to the material. $90


5" Wide banded slate gorget, Found in Wyandot Co. OH. near Wharton by William Secrist. Great polish and form on this gorget and I love the holes being close together. Very thin and fine. $375


3-5/8" Red translucent Kaolin Hopewell, Found in Illinois Ex- Strunk. The base on this piece is one flake taken all the way across and is a really neat trait I've seen on a few others. Crazy high grade of kaolin that looks like a piece of candy. You rarely see pieces made out of this nice of material. $175


4-7/8" Cobden Hornstone Knobbed Hardin, Found in Kentucky Ex- Walter Nelson Collection. Large and about as well made as any piece of flint I've ever handled. The material is exceptionally high grade hornstone and the flaking is beyond fine. The piece has one small area of damage which is on the base where one of the knobs is knocked off, the tip is rounded and made that way. This is an investment grade piece. $620


2-1/2" Hornstone serrated Bifuricate, found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Jones. Thin and well made. I love the flake scar on the back side of the point. $65 SOLD

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