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2-1/8" Deleware Chert E-Notch Thebes. Found in Wayne Co. MI. Ex- Kilander. An Ohio Type of thebes that is well made! $90


2-5/8" Deleware Chert Drill, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. A very nice drill. There is no damage on this piece, the base is flaked the way you see it in the pics. $75


4" Hornstone Adena, Found in Butler Co. OH. By Walter Reasch. Highly patinated, the way hornstone should be. Good size piece as well! $85


3-1/8" Flint Ridge Paleo uniface tool. Found near Lima Ohio Ex- Olmstead. Very neat and unique tool. I generally keep these when I get them but I have enough, probably too many really. $75


3-1/4" Banded Slate Rectangular Gorget, Found in Wyandot Co. OH. near Wharton by William Secrist on 7-4-1901. Very well refined piece of slate with great squared edges and a high degree of polish on the piece. $260 SOLD


1-1/4" Brassfield Quad, Found in Northen KY. Ex-Hardy. Nice little exhausted example of a quad. Notice the flutes on both sides of the piece. $50


2-5/8" Colorful Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Ashland Co. OH. Ex- Lutz, Ex- Morlock. Nice piece for the color frame. $65 ON HOLD


2" Sonora Jacks Reef, Found in Spencer Co. IN. by John Mason. I seldon see Jacks Reefs made of Sonora but yet here is one. $55


3-1/4" Hornsotne Tool? found in Delaware Co. IN. by John Mason. I'm not sure what to call it other than a tool, whatever it is it's neat! $50


2-3/8" Indiana Green Dovetail, Found in Delaware Co. IN. by John Mason. Ok its a little beat up, but the color is fantastic. $45

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