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4" Green hardstone celt - Extra Fine!, Found in Ohio Ex- Wehrle, Ex- Hill. Wehrle had a huge collection of ohio artifacts, His catalog number on this celt is 23930 and I've seen them in the 70,000 range. Very fine celt from a great old time collection. $85

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2-3/4" Coshocton Plaeo uniface graver tool. Found near Lima Ohio Ex- Olmstead. Very neat and unique tool. I generally keep these when I get them but I have enough, probably too many really. $30


6-5/8" Hornstone Cache blade, Found in Butler Co. OH. by George Cummins. Yup it has a few dings but this piece is huge and it is very thin for it's size. I've not seen one of this size come out of this area of Ohio. Great artifact and a handful of flint. $160


3" Coshocton Adena blade, found in Lorain Co. OH. Ex- Copeland, Ex- Drage. Beautiful material with great streaks of blue, yellow and white. Very thin blade too. $50 ON HOLD


4-7/8" Coshocton fluted Paleo blade. Found in Coshocton Co. OH. Ex- Gilbert Dilley. This is most likely a clovis knife on its way to becoming a clovis. It's very large, has very showy material, and the flute is huge. $350


2-15/16" Heat treated Delaware chert Hopewell. Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland. A good size piece with nice colors and from the flint king of Ohio. $45


3-1/4" Carter Cave Hopewell blade, Found in Kentucky Ex- Grindberg. Crazy super high grade of Carter on this piece, super glossy and partially translucent. The piece is amazingly thin and is all around a super blade. $65


3-1/2" Flint Ridge Paleo Uniface blade, Found in Darke Co. OH. Ex- Curly Branham. No damage on this piece at all, the base is made that way for whatever reason. Also very nice colors on the material too. $145


3-1/4" Banded Slate Rectangular Gorget, Found in Wyandot Co. OH. near Wharton by William Secrist on 7-4-1901. Very well refined piece of slate with great squared edges and a high degree of polish on the piece. $260


5-1/2" Kanawha Hopewell or Expanded Stem point, Found in Ohio Ex- Sedgwick, Ex- Dickinson. My guess is that the piece is from Southern Ohio only because you see this material in that area frequently. Very large and fairly well made piece that is a handful of flint for sure. $360