Flint #11

3-3/4" long

RP #4

Sold as a pair, top is 8-7/8", bottom is 9-1/4"

This board of Flint I decided to break up, there are a couple I want to keep and a couple didn't survive the shipping. The contents of the board are in the pics below. Frame is labeled Danbury Conn. 6141

Flint #6

5-1/2" long

HSB #3

7"x7" x 1-3/4" tall, solid and shallow.

tag reads" Avon NY Stone Bowl"

RP #3

Sold as a pair, top is 7", bottom is 8-1/2"

SB #1

5-1/8" x 3-1/4"  x 1-1/4" tall, Broken and Glued

Steatite Bowls

Flint Group:

Flint #14

3-7/8" long

Flint #12

4-7/8" long

HSB #2

9-1/2" x 9" x 6-1/4" tall, Solid and heavier

SB #3

8-1/2"x 6" x 2-3/4" tall,  label inside says "Steatite Bowl, Archaic, Glastonbury Conn." $

HSB #1

7-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 4-3/4" tall, solid and heavy

Flint #5

4" long

Flint #1 is a board I decided to keep together, there is a ruler in the pic for sizing. Sold as a board, Board can be seen in Who's who book 

Flint #3

5-1/8" long.

Flint #10

3-3/4" long

Hardstone Bowls

Flint #2

4-1/8" long  Kessel point?

Flint #4

3-3/4" long, Tip impact

Flint #13

4-1/8" long

Other Stone Tools

RP #2

11" long, flat on 2 sides

Flint # 7

4-3/8" long

 The Collection of Phillip Russo, Danbury Connecticut.


Recently I was able to acquire a portion of the collection of Phillip Russo of Danbury CT. Phillip's collection was partially pictured in the book Who's Who in Indian Artifacts #7 on pages 332 and 333. Some of the relics can be seen in the pictures of Phillip's relic room.  The relative whom I purchased the artifacts from stated that Phillip surface hunted and also bought relics from local farmers in the area for over 50 years. As far as I can tell the collection consist of only pieces from the N.E. area of the United States.


Contact info:



I'm not 100% sure on types and material so the listings will be pretty generic, I will however state if there is damage and general dimensions.

The collection has been sold as a group as of 7-14-2018.

Axe #1

Full Groove, 5" long 4-1/2" wide

RP #1

13-1/2" long roughly 4" dia.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Flint #8

4-7/8" long

SB #2

8-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 4" tall, Hole worn through the bottom, label inside says "Stamford Conn."

Roller Pestels

Flint #9

4-1/4" long