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We've re-scheduled the Cincinnati show for Saturday October 17th - See show flier below, call or email me with questions

Last Update  8-9-20

Added a few items tonight, more to come soon. I recently purchased the remaining artifacts in the Charles "Modoc" Smith collection or as he's also known by C.C. Smith. Smith was an old time collector out of Indiana who purchased heavily from the Dr. Bunch collection, Many of the pieces I have listed probably came from the Bunch collection and other prominent collections of the day. Smith's collection can be seen in the pages of Who's Who 1 & 4 and Legends of Prehistoric Art 2.

 I also have the following ASO magazines for sale I'd like to sell them as a group.

 1959 #2&4

1969 #3

1972 #1&4 1974 #4  1975 #3&4

1980 #4  1981 #1-4  1982 #2&4  1988 #2

1991 3&4 1992 #1  1993 #3

2006 #1  2008 #2


I've tried to keep shipping cost as low as possible and have absorbed the last couple post office rate increases. As of 2-20-19 the standard shipping rate for a small flat rate box is now $9. It now cost me $7.90 to ship, ten cents will not cover packing materials and tape. Sorry for the increase.

I created a Facebook page for this website, It has some interesting pieces shown there as well as notifications for when this website is updated. use the link below to like it.


I have been playing around with the settings for my screen and to get true color of the points it is best if you use the standard mode for your screen.