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Last Update  6-6-20

Added a few items from my personal collection and a few others. Pages 7-10 are blank I don't have enough to fill them currently. I also have the following ASO magazines for sale I'd like to sell them as a group.

1956 #3  1958 #8&4 1959 #2&4

1969 #3

1972 #1&4 1974 #4  1975 #3&4

1980 #4  1981 #1-4  1982 #2&4  1988 #2

1991 3&4 1992 #1  1993 #3

2006 #1  2008 #2


I've tried to keep shipping cost as low as possible and have absorbed the last couple post office rate increases. As of 2-20-19 the standard shipping rate for a small flat rate box is now $9. It now cost me $7.90 to ship, ten cents will not cover packing materials and tape. Sorry for the increase.

I created a Facebook page for this website, It has some interesting pieces shown there as well as notifications for when this website is updated. use the link below to like it.



I have been playing around with the settings for my screen and to get true color of the points it is best if you use the standard mode for your screen.