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2-15/16" Hornstone Lost lake, Found in Spencer Co. IN. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Super colors on this lost lake that is almost a sun fish style. $550

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2-3/4" Flint Ridge Fractured Base Decatur, Found in Lorain Co. OH. Ex-Ron Helman, Ex- Don Potter. This piece is about as thin and fine of a decatur as you will ever get! It's also as close to perfect as I've ever seen one. $575


6" Hornstone Ovoid Knife, Found in Harrison Co. IN. Ex- Dr. Roy Gurley, Ex- Jim Bickel, Ex- Wolfe. These knives are some of the rarest pieces you can get, this one is made of a high grade of hornstone with a large bullseye in it. The Dr. Gurley collection is pictured in Who's Who #3 on pages 154-157. There is a piece in the pics on page 156 that looks very similar to this piece, I cannot say for sure it is but its a close match. A very nice example of a rare type. $650 ON HOLD


2-3/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson collection. A very well made showy clovis that is made of super high grade Burlington. $675


3-3/8" Banded slate Intrusive Mound fringed pendant, Found in Newaygo Co. MI. Ex- Rodney Stubbs, Ex- Jon Dickinson, Ex- John Rummel. Extremely well made and thin. Intrusive mound pendant are very hard to come by. $400


2-1/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, Found in Illinois near the Mississippi River. Excellent condition. $140 ON HOLD


3-3/4" Long Banded Slate Birdstone, Found in Ohio Ex- Brent Mackley, Ex- John Rummel. The Bird has some ancient salvage on it where it appears to have broken along a natural fault line but it's polished over so it was still in use at the time of breakage. Still displays well and the salvage adds some an interesting story to it. And the best part of all is that this is an actual ancient birdstone! Great blue green color to the slate, nice banding and the holes are intact. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get an OLD bird. $1100


6-1/8" Delaware Chert Early Archaic or Late Paleo blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Kokas. A super well made, thin and absolutely huge blade. This piece is super thin and well made. $300


2-3/4" Hardstone Intrusive Mound Pendan, Found in Franklin Co. OH near Blacklick. Ex- John Rummel. Very showy pendant with nice contrasting colors. The hardstone variety are very rare and hard to come by for sale, I've only ever had a few. $650


4-3/8" Hornstone Snyders point, Found in Harrison Co. Indiana Ex- Vandever Ex- Wolfe.  A beautiful bullseye piece of hornstone that is a hand full of flint. Well made and all around just a fantastic piece. $700 ON HOLD