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4-5/8" Highly colorful Flint Ridge Uniface Blade, Found in Fayette Co. OH. Ex- Richard Spears, Dan Schleich. Very nice and well made uniface blade that has exceptional color in the flint. Comes with a Roger's COA. $400 SOLD


5" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Sam Speck, Ex- Glen Spray, Ex- Todd Harding. Large and very colorful dovetail with great collector history. The color is really outstanding on this piece and you couldn't really ask for much more, sure it has a couple dings but it is priced accordingly. $1280 SOLD


2-1/2" Flint Ridge E- Notch Thebes, Found in Butler Co. OH. Ex- David Smith. An extremely colorful and well made example, better than most I've seen. $220 ON HOLD


3-7/8" Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Stanley Copeland, Ex- Jack Hooks, Ex- Harold Steiner. Well made piece that is fairly translucent and has excellent collector history. $280 SOLD


2-1/4" Wide Banded Slate Bannerstone, Found in Hardin Co. OH. Ex- Gilbert Dilley. Nice smaller banner that's almost like a flatted pick or a small wing banner. Great collector history. $480 SOLD


7-1/8" Olithic Mozarkite Dickinson, Found in Boone Co. MO. Ex- Mingle Collection, Ex- Jerry Beaver. Huge and thin piece! Base and edges of base are ground. Just a massive piece in hand. $500


4-7/8" Coshocton Paleo Stemmed Lance, Found in Delaware Co. OH. Ex- Gains Collection. Extremely large and fine stemmed lance. These rarely come along in this size and condition. Has a Rogers and Bennett COA. $750


4-1/2" Hornstone Clovis, Found in Indiana, Ex- Floyd Ritter, Mitch Lewis, Dan Schleich. Pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art #2 Pg. 459 and in Who's Who # 9 Pg. 300. A huge example of a fluted clovis that has everything going  for it. It does have one small ding to the base but it's also priced accordingly. $EMAIL


3-3/4" Wide Slate Quarda-Concave Gorget, Found in Ohio Ex- D. Weber, Extremely well made example and the prongs are completely intact. Has incising on the side with the wider holes, Really a nice collector grade piece. $500 SOLD


5-1/8" Flint Ridge Adena blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Norman Kley, Ex- Harold Steiner. Thin and has a twist like a potato chip. A great piece with good history. $380 SOLD