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5-7/8" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Huntington Co. IN. Jackson Twp. by Adam Fausz in 1918, Ex- Jim Bickel, Ex- Dr. Gurley. Ex- Dan Schleich. Pictured in Central States Vol. 48, October 2001. The material on the piece is almost like moss agate and it's very translucent.



4-3/4" Red Slate Pick Bannerstone, Found in Morrow Co. OH. 6 miles N.E. of Morengo Ex- Dr. Meuser Ex-Mitch Lewis. Very nice rare color banner with great history. Pictured in the Meuser Collection in the back portion of the book I can't remember the exact page though. $700


2-3/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson collection. A very well made showy clovis that is made of super high grade Burlington. $600


2-3/4" Hardstone Intrusive Mound Pendant, Found in Franklin Co. OH near Blacklick. Ex- John Rummel. Very showy pendant with nice contrasting colors. The hardstone variety are very rare and hard to come by for sale, I've only ever had a few. $500


1-3/8" Salicified Sandstone Fluted Folsom End Scraper, Found in West Texas, Ex- Kilguss Collection. I rarely sell fluted paleo points but this one is just a little outside of my collecting area( I generally stick to the midwest and I own no folsoms) Extremely rare point type and highly refined. Comes with a Rogers COA. $450


5" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Sam Speck, Glen Spray, Todd Harding, Dan Schleich. Extremely nice colors and just a great dove. This piece may be pictured in the Dovetail book by Hothem but I don't have a copy of it. $ EMAIL


3-1/8" Crazy color Flint Ridge blade, Found in Wood Co. OH. Ex- Copeland, Ex- Olenick, Ex- Morlock. Very thin and well made and the colors are outstanding ( this may actually be nethers flint ridge). I rarely get blades in this nice. $280

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2-3/8" wide Chlorite Bannerstone, found on Piney Island in Lancaster Co. PA. by John Stone, Ex- Dick Savage, Ex- Larry Fry. I rarely get chlorite artifacts of any sort, but this is a nicely made good colored banner made of rare material. I'm not sure if it's pictured anywhere in the Savage collection. Great piece. $700


4-7/8" Coshocton Paleo Lance, Found in Hardin Co. OH. near Mt. Victory, Ex- George Heckman, Ex- Dan Schleich. A large and well made lance made of good material, I have seen many of these in collections over the years and I can't say I remember one made of any material other than coshocton. $ 1200


3-3/4" Long Banded Slate Birdstone, Found in Ohio Ex- Brent Mackley, Ex- John Rummel. The Bird has some ancient salvage on it where it appears to have broken along a natural fault line but it's polished over so it was still in use at the time of breakage. Still displays well and the salvage adds some an interesting story to it. And the best part of all is that this is an actual ancient birdstone! Great blue green color to the slate, nice banding and the holes are intact. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get an OLD bird. $950