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2-15/16" Hornstone Lost lake, Found in Spencer Co. IN. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Super colors on this lost lake that is almost a sun fish style. $550


2-5/8" Limestone Saddle Bannerstone, Found in Henderson Co. ILL. Ex- Vandever collection. A super saddle banner that is actually affordable only because it's not made of quartz. I've had this banner in my collection for around 6 years and it's pictured in Who's Who #11 and probably Ballangers CHAPA book. Carries a Davis COA. $600 


2-13/16" Flint Ridge E-Notch Thebes, Found in Licking Co. OH. 4-6-1969, Ex- Cameron Parks, Ex- Richard Shivley, Ex- Don Potter. A very well made thebes with steep bevel and excellent collector history. $550

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1-3/4" Banded Slate Ball bannerstone, Found in Henry Co. OH. Ex- B.W. Stevens, Ex- Cameron Parks. This piece is pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art Vol. 2 in Park's collection. Beautiful Bullseye, great banding and exceptional collector history. $650 SOLD


3-3/4" Pipestone historic T-shaped pipe, Found in Ohio Ex- Jan Sorgenfrei collection. Great carved face on the pipe. A small area of the stem has been broken out but this is still an exceptional relic. The pics say more than I can about describing it. $650. SOLD


2-3/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson collection. A very well made showy clovis that is made of super high grade Burlington. $775


5-15/16" Banded Slate Humped Gorget, Found in Ionia Co. Michigan near Lyons. Ex- Earl Townsend, Ex- Lynn Brooks. I really enjoy this form of gorget and I've had many but this one has the best form I've seen on one. Great collector history and great form make a great relic! $1450


5-1/8" Burlington Paleo ??, Found in Osage Co. MO. I'm not sure what to call it, ground base with a clovis like indentation and general outline? The flaking is not clovis though, I feel its a paleo point of some type but not sure what to call it. The tip has been anciently ground and has mineralization over the area. It had some old horrible wood putty restoration on it that I removed and it looks 100 times better. $225


2-3/8" Flint Ridge Fractured base Decatur, Found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Very close to perfect and it has great flint ridge coloration. $175


2-1/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, Found in Illinois near the Mississippi River. Excellent condition, one of the auricles had a tiny nip of restoration on it that I removed. $160