Group of Flint Ridge, 12 cores and 40 bladelets. All found in Columbiana Co. OH. near Salem, Ex- Noble Collection. The largest core is roughly 2" tall and the longest bladelet it 2-1/16" long. Crazy colorful group, lots of green, blue, red, pink and orange. If you collect color ridge than this is a group for you. $255 SOLD


4-1/2" Hornstone Clovis, Found in Indiana, Ex- Floyd Ritter, Mitch Lewis, Dan Schleich. Pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art #2 Pg. 459 and in Who's Who # 9 Pg. 300. A huge example of a fluted clovis that has everything going  for it. It does have one small ding to the base but it's also priced accordingly. $3000

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4" Long Banded Slate Humped Gorget, Found in Portage Co. OH. Ex- Fickey, Ex- Rummel, Ex- May. Excellent banding and some light engraving on the bottom of the piece. $550


6-1/4" Flint Ridge Adena Robbins, Found in Crawford Co. OH. Liberty Twp. near Sulfur Springs. Ex- V. E. Ladd, Lynn Brooks, Ron Helman. I was told this piece was also in the Earl Townsend collection but I cannot confirm it. Pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art #2 Pg. 254. $EMAIL SOLD


4-5/8" Wide Banded slate Double Notched Wing Bannerstone, Found in Willoughby Ohio, Ex- Jon Dickinson, Ex- Rob Dills, Ex- Dave Moore. The wings are salvaged on the ends but this is still an absolute stunner of a banner and I've very tempted to hold onto it. The salvage really doesn't detract from it in a huge way as it still displays very well and can be a center piece. I was actually after this piece at least 15 years ago and somehow I had another opportunity to go after it recently. $1900


4-1/2" Slate Pop-Eyed Birdstone, found in Livingston Co. Michigan, Ex- Roger Leatherman, Ex- Floyd Ritter, Ex- Jim Bickel, Ex- Gary Noel, Ex- Tom Davis, Ex- Orsary. Found broken and glued back together. Pictured nicely in the Leatherman auction catalog in a larger picture, pictured in Central States April 1993 Vol. 40 #2, Pictured in Prehistoric American 2004 #1. Comes with a John Berner COA, which if you ever knew Berner he really knew his birds! A rare opportunity to own a pop eyed bird at an affordable price. $3500 SOLD


3-1/4" Sandstone Incised Bar. Found in Erie Co. OH. Oct 29, 1944 Ex- Dr. Meuser catalog number 3135/5. Heavy engraving across the piece and from a great old time collection. $475


2-5/16" long, made of a variation of gneiss, found in Mason Co. KY. Ex- Martin Ellis Collection, Ex- Orsary Collection. Nice, well developed banner. No break outs or restoration which is rare for this type. Comes with an old Jackson COA if you want it. $2900


2-1/16" Banded Slate flattened Ball Bannerstone, Found in Ohio Ex- Rob Dills, Ex- Pat Orsary. Unique form for this type. Pictured in CHAPA vol. 2 in the Dills Collection. $550

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4-1/2" Kentucky Hornstone Fluted Clovis, Kentucky piece, Ex- Floyd Ritter, Mitch Lewis, Dan Schleich. Pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art #2 Pg. 459. A huge example of a fluted clovis that has everything going for it. It does have a couple small dings but it's also priced accordingly. $3000