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5" Carter Cave Paleo Ovoid Knife, Found in Kentucky, Ex- Lance Wolfe Collection. Extremely rare to see one of these made of Carter flint, the piece has no damage to speak of, the spot on the base is something you see often on Ovoid knives. For some reason the makers of these points liked to leave a little bit of rind or original cortex on the base of the point ( see small pic of base). Super point that I'm certain I will never get another one like it. $700


4-3/4" Red Slate Pick Bannerstone, Found in Morrow Co. OH. 6 miles N.E. of Morengo Ex- Dr. Meuser Ex-Mitch Lewis. Very nice rare color banner with great history. Pictured in the Meuser Collection in the back portion of the book I can't remember the exact page though. $700


2-3/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, found in Greene Co. Ark. Ex- Dr. Robert Thompson collection. A very well made showy clovis that is made of super high grade Burlington. $600


1-3/8" Salicified Sandstone Fluted Folsom End Scraper, Found in West Texas, Ex- Kilguss Collection. I rarely sell fluted paleo points but this one is just a little outside of my collecting area( I generally stick to the midwest and I own no folsoms) Extremely rare point type and highly refined. Comes with a Rogers COA. $475


3-3/8" Banded slate Intrusive Mound fringed pendant, Found in Newaygo Co. MI. Ex- Rodney Stubbs, Ex- Jon Dickinson, Ex- John Rummel. Extremely well made and thin. Intrusive mound pendant are very hard to come by. $325


3-1/8", Hardstone Intrusive mound pendant, Found in Ohio, Ex- Barron, Ex- John Rummel Collection. Super fine and very well made. $500


2-3/4" Hardstone Intrusive Mound Pendant, Found in Franklin Co. OH near Blacklick. Ex- John Rummel. Very showy pendant with nice contrasting colors. The hardstone variety are very rare and hard to come by for sale, I've only ever had a few. $500


2-1/4" Burlington Fluted Clovis, Found in Illinois near the Mississippi River. Excellent condition. $140

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2-15/16" Hornstone Lost lake, Found in Spencer Co. IN. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Super colors on this lost lake that is almost a sun fish style. $480


3-3/4" Long Banded Slate Birdstone, Found in Ohio Ex- Brent Mackley, Ex- John Rummel. The Bird has some ancient salvage on it where it appears to have broken along a natural fault line but it's polished over so it was still in use at the time of breakage. Still displays well and the salvage adds some an interesting story to it. And the best part of all is that this is an actual ancient birdstone! Great blue green color to the slate, nice banding and the holes are intact. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get an OLD bird. $950