4-5/8" Wide Banded Slate Quadra Concave Gorget, Found in Oak Harbor Ohio by Dave Morlock. The piece is roughly 1/4 restored or maybe a little less, I believe it is basically the right two ends in the right pic. Extremely rare find and this one is large for the type. $190.

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4-5/8" Highly colorful Flint Ridge Uniface Blade, Found in Fayette Co. OH. Ex- Richard Spears, Dan Schleich. Very nice and well made uniface blade that has exceptional color in the flint. Comes with a Roger's COA. $480


4-3/4" Purple Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Allen Co. OH. Ex- John Anspaugh. Super color, thin and finely made piece. I really like this piece it has everything going for it. $ 400


7-1/8" Olithic Mozarkite Dickinson, Found in Boone Co. MO. Ex- Mingle Collection, Ex- Jerry Beaver. Huge and thin piece! Base and edges of base are ground. Just a massive piece in hand. $580


4-3/8" Flint Ridge Thebes, Found in Knox Co. OH. by D. W. Horn, Ex- Gambier Collection, Ex- Schliech. Very large Thebes made of what you usually see Thebes made of which is cream color flint, this piece is ridge which is better than most and has some nice quartz veins running through it. $450


4-1/2" Hornstone Clovis, Found in Indiana, Ex- Floyd Ritter, Mitch Lewis, Dan Schleich. Pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art #2 Pg. 459 and in Who's Who # 9 Pg. 300. A huge example of a fluted clovis that has everything going  for it. It does have one small ding to the base but it's also priced accordingly. $EMAIL


4" Wide Quarda-Concave Gorget, Found in Belmont Co. OH. by Lowell T. McFrederick. Heavy engraving on the side in the second pic, which consist of 4 triangles with cross hatched lines in them, this is a pattern I've seen on other examples. Super piece! $ 400 ON HOLD


5" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Sam Speck, Ex- Glen Spray, Ex- Todd Harding. Large and very colorful dovetail with great collector history. The color is really outstanding on this piece and you couldn't really ask for much more, sure it has a couple dings but it is priced accordingly. $1500


4-7/16" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Jim MIlls. A large and no brainer example of a the type with great 2 sided patina. The tip is flat and is not damaged, it is what is called a chisel tip. $625


5-1/8" Fossil chert Thebes, found in Ohio Ex- Earl Townsend who acquired it in 1951. Sold in Townsend sale on 1-10-2015 lot #298, sold for $1500. Extremely large and well made, a center piece in your thebes frame for sure. $1100 a bargin considering what it sold for 5 years ago. SOLD

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