2" long Chlorite Bannerstone, Found in Ohio Ex- Dan Schleich. A very nice banner made of a high grade of chlorite with great color. There is an ancient blow out on the back side but many banners have this and I've priced it accordingly. $500


3-3/4" Upper Mercer Dovetail, Found in Medina Co. OH. Ex- Vastano. A Great dove made of nice material that has some color in it. The tip is rounded and is not damaged. $200


approx. 2" wide and tall Banded Slate Ball Bannerstone. Found in Ohio Ex- Marion "Horsefly" Bush, Ex- Terry Elleman. Nicely fluted on the back side with a great bullseye on the front. $550


3-3/4" Flint Ridge E-Notch Thebes, Found in Ohio Ex- Mills, Ex- May. A very large example made from better material than most. Yes it has a base ding but that makes it affordable. Super piece even with damage. $250

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3-7/8" Flint Ridge Thebes, Found in Richland Co. OH. near Butler, Ex- Dr. Meuser, Ex- Cliff Bauer ( catalog number 27), Ex- Dickinson. Pictured in Bauer's catalog, the page will be included with the piece. Rarely do you get the chance to purchase a documented Meuser piece of flint. $875


4-3/8" long Slate Birdstone, Restored head and tail. Found in Indiana Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. Has Smith's signature tag and catalog number 338. I have a picture (which I'll send along a copy) of this bird in the Smith collection in which his son is holding a frame of relics and the bird is in the middle of the frame. $950


5-1/2" Long Hardstone full groove axe, Found in Delaware Co. Ind. near Muncie by the Bowdell family. A superior example of the type with very showey material, basically perfect with only the one plow mark you see in the first pic. Great polish to the bit. $190


4-5/8" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Medina Co. OH. Ex- Vastano. A nice example of a small base dovetail that has great colors. It does have a piece off the base but it's still a killer dove. $480


Agate Midland and Blade combo. The midland measures 1-3/16" and the blade is 3-7/8". They were found within inches of each other on private land by Tony Wagner in  Laguna NM. in 2007. I got these from the finder, he had the midland papered by Davis (grade 9) because he wanted to know the type. Also found with these and I'll include it with the group was a section of a milnsand point (not pictured). An excellent opportunity to get some great folsom related tools. $450 for the three pieces.  


4-3/4" Purple and green banded slate gorget, Found in Lycoming Co. PA. Ex- Mingle Collection, Ex- Jerry Beaver. Super color on this piece of slate, yes it does have some damage but it is priced accordingly.  $200