2-7/8" Hornstone Archaic Drill, Found in Delaware Co. IN. near Muncie by the Bowdell Family. Not sure on the type it was but could have been a thebes or knobbed hardin possibly. Nice example. $125


2" long Chlorite Bannerstone, Found in Ohio Ex- Dan Schleich. A very nice banner made of a high grade of chlorite with great color. There is an ancient blow out on the back side but many banners have this and I've priced it accordingly. $550


4-1/2" Flint Ridge Hopewell. Found in Ross Co. OH. Ex- Schleich. Large and wide Hopewell, well made and very fine. $675


5-1/2" Long Hardstone full groove axe, Found in Delaware Co. Ind. near Muncie by the Bowdell family. A superior example of the type with very showey material, basically perfect with only the one plow mark you see in the first pic. Great polish to the bit. $400


2-1/4" Flint Ridge Hopewell. Found in Wood Co. OH. Ex- Morlock. Nice colors in the piece and I really like the light blue quartz vein. There is a small nip at the tip, still a nice piece of ridge. $50


5-5/8" Hornstone Dovetail, Found in Indiana Ex- Cartwright Collection. An extremely large dove made of a nice grade of hornstone that has some color in it. A small nick on the blade edge keeps the piece affordable. Comes with a  Rogers COA. $950


2-1/4" Hornstone Kirk, Found in Delaware Co. IN. near Muncie by the Bowdell family. A nice well made example. $70


Agate Midland and Blade combo. The midland measures 1-3/16" and the blade is 3-7/8". They were found within inches of each other on private land by Tony Wagner in  Laguna NM. in 2007. I got these from the finder, he had the midland papered by Davis (grade 9) because he wanted to know the type. Also found with these and I'll include it with the group was a section of a milnsand point (not pictured). An excellent opportunity to get some great folsom related tools. $600 for the three pieces.  


4" Purple Sonora Blade, found in Kentucky Ex- Lance Wolfe Collection. Very finely made and has outstanding color. This piece could almost be a lost lake preform with ho w well it's made. One small ding near the tip on the side keeps it from being big bucks. $190 ON HOLD


2-3/4" Slate Undrilled boat stone. Found in Michigan Ex- Olenick, Ex- Morlock. I believe this is a finished piece and was never intended to be drilled. $70

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