3-1/4" Canal Coal Undrilled pendant, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. by Raymond Hyde. An unusual piece to say the least, it's finished but not drilled and has engraving on one face. $85


Agate Midland and Blade combo. The midland measures 1-3/16" and the blade is 3-7/8". They were found within inches of each other on private land by Tony Wagner in  Laguna NM. in 2007. I got these from the finder, he had the midland papered by Davis (grade 9) because he wanted to know the type. Also found with these and I'll include it with the group was a section of a milnsand point (not pictured). An excellent opportunity to get some great folsom related tools. $600 for the three pieces.  

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3-3/4" Burlington Knobbed Hardin, Found in Western Kentucky Ex- Amspacher. Yup it's damaged but it's mostly there and a rare type. $80


2-1/2" Hornstone Pinetree, Found in Christian Co. KY. on the Taylor Farm. The flaking on the side in the first pic is very fine and the piece has a super thick patina. $150


3-5/8" Banded Slate Lizard, Found in Marion Co. OH. 3 miles east of Prospect on the Howard Farm. Ex- Dr. Meuser 3199/5. Great piece from the best known Ohio collection. $800 ON HOLD


4-1/8" Hornstone Cobbs, found in Christian Co. KY. on the Taylor Farm. The tip has been anciently broken but the blade was still used after. $95


2" Blood red Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. Color is king on this one! $175 SOLD

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1-3/8" Upper Mercer Fractured base Decatur, found in Stark Co. OH. by Dave Salberg. A nice mini version of a great type. $45


5-7/8" Speckled Granite 3/4 groove axe, found in Richland Co. OH. by Doug Jones. Not the biggest axe ever found but it is perfect and that's hard to get. $550


3-5/8" High Grade Burlington Thebes, Found in Adams Co. ILL. Ex- Russ Thompson. A hand full of thebes for sure and a very high grade of Burlington that is glossy. This piece has been in my collection for a while, my catalog number is 11 on it. $480 SOLD