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2-3/4" E-Notch Thebes, Found in Ohio Ex- David Smith. $110 SOLD


2-7/8" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Preble Co. OH. near Lewisburg by Harold Steiner. Nice colors and good size on this hopewell. $130 SOLD


2" Coshocton Bifuricate, Found in Preble Co. Ohio near Lewisburg by Harold Steiner. Great colors in this piece. $55 SOLD


2-1/8" Upper Mercer Basal Notch point, Found in Butler Co. OH. Ex- Bill Tiell. Great little point and a type that's hard to come by. You can see this point in a frame in Who's Who #7 pg. 347 in Tiell collection. $165


3" Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Ohio Ex- Norman Kley, Ex- Harold Steiner. $55 SOLD

Buy, Sell, Trade


4" Wide expanded center gorget, Found in Ohio Ex- Wehrle, Ex- David Smith. A nice authentic piece from a very old collection. A small amount of ancient damage to one face is visable. $300


4-3/4" Red Slate wing bannerstone, Found in Ohio Ex - D. Weber. A complete banner made of hard to get red slate. the piece is an absolute no brainer for authenticity. It has a neat gouged in area on the top where the hole is at. $290


3-7/8" Flint Ridge Adena Cache Blade, Found 4 miles South of Brownsville Ohio. Ex- Rowlands. Extremely colorful gem grade flint ridge material that is stained by red ocher, It still has some ocher on it. Comes with a Davis G10+ COA. A rare opportunity to put a very colorful piece in that color frame. $880 ON HOLD


1-1/2" Sandstone engraved Discoidal, Found in Scioto Co. OH. Ex- David Smith. $55


3-1/8" Hardstone unfinished vase pipe, Found in Indiana Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. Has his signature red tag and catalog number 185 on it. Neat piece of history from a great collector. $45 SOLD