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3-1/8" Flint Ridge Nethers Broad point, Found in Muskingum Co. OH. Ex- Olenick, Ex- Morlock. This piece has been broken and glued but the seam is extremely tight and hardly noticeable. Absolutely beautiful piece! $140  SOLD


2-7/8" Hardstone Drilled plummet, found in Pike Co. ILL. Ex- Dr. Rolland Bunch catalog #469. Very nice piece that is a rare offering, most plummets are grooved and made of hematite. This one has two big pluses, its hardstone and it's drilled. $320


3-1/16" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Southern Ohio Ex- Tom Davis, Ex- Lance Wolfe. Killer color and well made. $575


4" long pottery Alligator or Wolf Effigy. Found above Ft. Ancient in Warren Co. OH. by Alford Clark. Ex- Earl Townsend, Sold at one of the Townsend Auctions held by Robert Converse. A super unique and odd piece of pottery. I've had people who look at it say its an alligator and others say it's a wolf you can decide if you buy it. $400


1-3/4" Delaware Un-Fluted Clovis, Found in Auglaize Co. OH. Ex- Pack. $80


2-3/8" Sonora Bifuricate, found in Posey Co. IN. by Lance Wolfe. This is about as fine as these points come, great material and I bought it directly from the finder. $225

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3" Flint Ridge or maybe Holland Adena, Found in Cass Co. IN. Ex- Warner. Great purple stripe right through the middle. $60


3-1/4" Banded Slate Lizard, Found in Delaware Co. OH. Ex- Bill Teil, Ex- Fred Fisher. Piece is pictured in Who's Who #8 in Teil Collection. $450


2-3/4" banded slate Fringed Intrusive Mound pendant, Found in Franklin Co. OH. Ex- Schleigh, Ex- John Rummel. A very nice and extremely well made pendant, these intrusive mound type pendants are the hardest ones to come by. $400


1-5/8" Flint Ridge Adena, found in Wood Co. OH. Ex- Morlock. a small but very colorful piece. $40 SOLD