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2-7/8" Hardstone Drilled plummet, found in Pike Co. ILL. Ex- Dr. Rolland Bunch catalog #469. Very nice piece that is a rare offering, most plummets are grooved and made of hematite. This one has two big pluses, its hardstone and it's drilled. $320


4" long pottery Alligator or Wolf Effigy. Found above Ft. Ancient in Warren Co. OH. by Alford Clark. Ex- Earl Townsend, Sold at one of the Townsend Auctions held by Robert Converse. A super unique and odd piece of pottery. I've had people who look at it say its an alligator and others say it's a wolf you can decide if you buy it. $400


1-3/4" Delaware Un-Fluted Clovis, Found in Auglaize Co. OH. Ex- Pack. $80


2-3/8" Sonora Bifuricate, found in Posey Co. IN. by Lance Wolfe. This is about as fine as these points come, great material and I bought it directly from the finder. $150 SOLD


3-1/16" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Southern Ohio Ex- Tom Davis, Ex- Lance Wolfe. Killer color and well made. $575 SOLD


3-1/4" Banded Slate Lizard, Found in Delaware Co. OH. Ex- Bill Teil, Ex- Fred Fisher. Piece is pictured in Who's Who #8 in Teil Collection. $450


2-3/4" banded slate Fringed Intrusive Mound pendant, Found in Franklin Co. OH. Ex- Schleigh, Ex- John Rummel. A very nice and extremely well made pendant, these intrusive mound type pendants are the hardest ones to come by. $380


3-1/16" Coshocton Paleo Lance, Found in Marion Co. OH. 1986 Ex- Hawkes Collection, Ex- lar Hothem Collection. Pictured in Indian Flints of Ohio page 13, First Hunters page 74, and Paleo Indian Artifacts page 143. Lot 107 in Bennett's 2008 auction of the Hothem collection. About as nice of a lance as you can get and with great history! $400 SOLD

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3" Flint Ridge or maybe Holland Adena, Found in Cass Co. IN. Ex- Warner. Great purple stripe right through the middle. $55


2-3/4" Purple striped Sonora Dovetail. Found in Kentucky Ex- Lance Wolfe Collection. Absolutely stunning colors in this dove! $160