1-3/4" Intrusive Mound point, Found in Carrolton KY. Ex- Potter Collection, Ex- Larry Swann. Darn near perfect and razor thin. $50 SOLD


3-5/16" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Steve Olenick, Ex- Dave Morlock Crazy rare colors in this blade. Uniface on the back and made very well. A super point for a color frame. $240


2-1/8" Coshocton Side Notch, Found near Huntington W.V. by Josh Britt. Nice well made piece. $45


2-3/4" Orange Flint Ridge Ohio Deep Notch/Lost Lake, Found in Crawford Co. OH. Ex- Converse Auction, Ex- Baumann. Orange Flint Ridge is the rarest of them all and only outcrops in a small area. Beautiful piece! $225 SOLD


2-1/4" Flint Ridge Bottle Neck point. Found in Ohio Ex- Morlock.  Nice high grade of pink ridge on this one, good for a color frame. $25 SOLD


3-1/8" Hematite Grooved Celt, Found in Lawrence Co. OH. Ex- Kokas. A very unique piece and very rare. I have never seen one made like this but it makes sense to groove it. $185


2" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Morlock. Nice colors for a color frame. $45


2-1/8" Upper Mercer Basal Notch point, Found in Butler Co. OH. Ex- Bill Tiell. Great little point and a type that's hard to come by. You can see this point in a frame in Who's Who #7 pg. 347 in Tiell collection. $165


4-1/16" Purple Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Ohio Ex- Olenick, Ex- Schleich. Well made and thin. Exceptional colors on the point with great purples and yellows through out the material. $650 ON HOLD

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3-1/4" Hardstone Lizard, Found in Lawrance Co. OH. by the Rist family, I've had this in my collection for a long time and I purchased it directly from the family. It is broken at the head and tail but it's still rare being hardstone. $ 100 SOLD

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