3-5/8" Banded Slate Tube Bannerstone, Found in Indiana, Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith collection. The piece has some ancient damage to one end but the banding and polish are outstanding. This piece can be seen in the Smith collection in Legends of Prehistoric Art 2 in the case of artifacts. After looking at the banner closer it has some potential modern polish on one end, lowered price accordingly $100

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3-5/16" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Steve Olenick, Ex- Dave Morlock Crazy rare colors in this blade. Uniface on the back and made very well. A super point for a color frame. $220


2-1/8" Coshocton Side Notch, Found near Huntington W.V. by Josh Britt. Nice well made piece. $45


3-3/8" Hornstone Buck Creek, Found in Kentucky, Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. Nice, thin and well made piece from a great collector. $100


3-1/8" Hardstone unfinished vase pipe, Found in Indiana Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. Has his signature red tag and catalog number 185 on it. Neat piece of history from a great collector. $75


3-1/8" Hematite Grooved Celt, Found in Lawrence Co. OH. Ex- Kokas. A very unique piece and very rare. I have never seen one made like this but it makes sense to groove it. $185


2" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Morlock. Nice colors for a color frame. $45


2-1/8" Upper Mercer Basal Notch point, Found in Butler Co. OH. Ex- Bill Tiell. Great little point and a type that's hard to come by. You can see this point in a frame in Who's Who #7 pg. 347 in Tiell collection. $165


4-1/16" Purple Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Ohio Ex- Olenick, Ex- Schleich. Well made and thin. Exceptional colors on the point with great purples and yellows through out the material. $650 ON HOLD

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3-1/4" Wide Green and Purple slate bannerstone, Found in Brant Co. Ontario Canada. Ex- Charles " Modoc" Smith collection, has his signature blue tag and catalog number 341. A true miniature banner with odd drill holes in the ends of the wings. I've never seen one quite like it although they did things a little different north of the border in ancient times. A great little banner with great collector history. $480 SOLD