3-5/8" Hornstone Blade, Probably found in SW Indiana Ex- Art Gerber. Razor THIN! $160


2-1/8" Upper Mercer Basal Notch point, Found in Butler Co. OH. Ex- Bill Tiell. Great little point and a type that's hard to come by. You can see this point in a frame in Who's Who #7 pg. 347 in Tiell collection. $165


2-13/16" Carter Cave Kirk, Found in Kentucky, Ex- Tom Davis, Ex- Orsary. Nice polished piece of flint with great color. $85

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Miami Valley Artifacts


3-1/16" Coshocton Adena, Found in Tuscawaras Co. OH. Ex- Wayne Mortine. $110


1-3/4" Carter Cave Big Sandy, Found in Clark Co. KY. Ex- Orsary. $48


2-3/8" Carter Cave Intrusive Mound point, Found in Bath Co. KY. Ex - Orsary. A little bit of ancient re-work on one edge but this thing is fine and large for the type. $75


6" tall Bell Pestle, Probably found in SW Indiana Ex- Art Gerber. Pictured in Gerber book Pg. 195 $350 ON HOLD


4-1/4" Wide Purple Banded Slate Gorget, Found in Crawford Co. OH. Ex- F.P. Hill, A.T. Wehrle, Norman Kley, Terry Elleman. $1500


2" Flint Ridge Paleo blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Ed Fronk. Ground on the base and sides. $60


3-3/16" Heat Treated Bisher Chert Blade, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Springer. Great purple color in the material. $50