Miami Valley Artifacts


2-1/4" Coshocton side notch, Found in Fayette Co. OH. Ex- Frank Shipley, Ex- Cliff Bauer, Ex- Dickinson. Bauer purchased from Shipley on 4-2-1952, Bauer catalog #94. $195


3-11/16" Boyle Chert Heavy Duty, Found in Kentucky, Ex- Hennessee, Ex- Orsary. $55


2-1/4" Wide Banded Slate Fluted ball bannerstone, Found in Fairfield Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland, Dick Johnson, Rob Dills. It's pictured in the Dills collection in a book but I cannot recall where I saw it. Large and fine piece. $875

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3-7/8" Coshocton Dovetail, Found in Champaign Co. OH. 1 Mile N. of Fremont on 6-22-1937. Ex- Dr. Stan Copeland has is signature blue ink 174/FL catalog number. Great two tone mottled flint, well made and fine. One just sold at the Root sale, same material, not as nice and incorrect history for $100 more plus buyers premium. $ 800


4-1/16" Flint Ridge Adena Robins, Found in Ohio Ex- Dan Schleich. Davis COA. $950


3-1/8" Carter Cave Thebes, Found in Vigo Co. IN. Ex- Mitch Lewis. $145


3-3/8" Coshocton Paleo Lance, Found W. of Rushville Ohio, Fairfield Co. by Raymond Hyde. Broken and glued tight, very thin and well made. $145


3-7/8" Flint Ridge Dovetail, Found in Seneca Co. OH.  Ex- Ron Helman, Ex- Mike Sedler. Nice dove! $565


3-3/8" Hornstone Lost Lake, Found in S.E. Indiana, Ex- Orsary. All the damage to this piece is ancient $85


2-13/16" Upper Mercer Side Notch, Found in Ohio, Ex- Mitch Fink, Tom Davis, Orsary. Very thin and the base is serrated.  $110 ON HOLD