1-3/8" Red Carter Cave paleo dart, Found in Kentucky Ex- Orsary. Thin and colorful. $55

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4" Hardstone Celt, Found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- J.T. Craig, Ex- Dr. Meuser. Great celt with good color and great collector history. Has Meuser's classic handwriting on it. $ 200


3" Upper Mercer Notch Base Dovetail, Found in Pickaway Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Stanley Copeland, Ex- Converse, Ex- Schleich. Great colors in the material and excellent collector history. $ 575


2-7/8" Carter Cave Adena, Found in Fayette Co. KY. Ex- Rafinesque, Ex- Stockton. Nice material on this one. $48 SOLD

Miami Valley Artifacts


2-1/4" Hornstone Dickson, Found in S.E. Missouri, from the Morrison Estate. $45


4-1/4" Slate Gorget, Found in Ohio Ex- Norman Kley, Ex- Dave Root. Will be pictured in the upcoming book on the Root Collection.  Very well made, nicely squared off. $640


4-3/16" Burlington Howard County Point, Found in Lawrence Co. MO. by Bill Craycraft, Ex- Vahle. Very large for this point type which is also a super rare type. Roger's COA. $375


2-3/8" Carter Cave Adena, found in Scott Co. KY. by Jim Devine. Great material on this piece. $50 SOLD


2-1/8" Hornstone Mackorkle, Found in Preble Co. OH. near Lewisburg by Harold Steiner. $135


4-1/16" Ft. Payne Lost Lake, Found in Indiana Ex- Norman Kley, Ex- Harold Steiner. Nice showy material and good size on this piece. I wish I had more specific info on this piece because it's a keeper. $195