3" Coshocton Side Notch, Found in Preble Co. OH. near Lewisburg by Harold Steiner. Had this piece not taken a hit from a farming implement it would have been one of the nicest side notches I've ever seen. Exquisitely well made and very dark blue striped material. $65

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4-1/16" Ft. Payne Lost Lake, Found in Indiana Ex- Norman Kley, Ex- Harold Steiner. Nice showy material and good size on this piece. I wish I had more specific info on this piece because it's a keeper. $320


4" Hardstone Celt, Found in Richland Co. OH. Ex- J.T. Craig, Ex- Dr. Meuser. Great celt with good color and great collector history. Has Meuser's classic handwriting on it. $ 225


2-1/2" Flint Ridge Micro Notch, Found Ohio Ex- Schleich. The material is a grey tan ridge but the type is extremely rare and almost never come up for sale. $190 SOLD


3" Slate Gorget, Found in Williams Co. OH. Ex- David Smith. A little rough but its an old example. $110 SOLD


3" Upper Mercer Notch Base Dovetail, Found in Pickaway Co. OH. Ex- Dr. Stanley Copeland, Ex- Converse, Ex- Schleich. Great colors in the material and excellent collector history. $ 575


2-1/4" Coshocton Bifuricate, Found in Preble Co. OH. near Lewisburg by Harold Steiner. Great blue colors in this point! $80


2-3/4" Super High Grade Boyle Chert Cobbs Knife, Found in Ohio Ex- Don Jardine, Ex- Ron Headlee. $100 SOLD


2-7/16"  Upper Mercer Thebes, Found in Preble Co. OH near Lewisburg by Harold Steiner. $120 SOLD

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2-15/16" Hornstone Lost lake, Found in Hancock Co. IN. Ex- David Smith. Nice classic example of the type, A small base ding and some slight edge chatter keep it affordable. $350