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4-1/8" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Morlock. A really nicely colored blade. $90

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2-1/2" Moss Agate Thebes, Found in Ohio Ex- Glenn. Nice material, piece is a little beat up. $40 ON HOLD


2-3/4" Super High Grade Boyle Chert Cobbs Knife, Found in Ohio Ex- Don Jardine, Ex- Ron Headlee. $100


Pair of paleo tools found in Deleware Co. IN. by John Mason. the left one is some sort of knife made of Hornstone, the right one is a sharpened down square knife made of Flint Ridge. both made of nice material. $90 for the pair.


3-5/8" Hornstone Adena, Found in Southern Indiana Ex -Lance Wolfe Collection. A gem of an adena point, it so rare that you see one made like this or even close to as nice as this. The hornstone has very vivid banding which really sets the piece off. $ 240


Group of 4 Hematite celts found near Ironton Ohio. Very nice group of rare artifacts that are complete pieces. Largest one is 2-1/8" long. $120 ON HOLD


5-1/4" Wirey Granite Celt, Found in Delaware Co. IN. near Muncie by the Bowdell Family. Basically perfect celt that has some character to it. $80


2-3/4" Coshocton Intrusive Mound point, Found in Ohio Ex- Funk, Ex- Gilliam. Well made and large for the type, the piece has some great white colors in the flint. Thin and fine! $80


2-3/4" Harrodsberg Thebes, Found in Erie Co. OH. Ex- Schleich, Ex- Olenick. Extremely rare material for this type, I've only had 1 other example made from this material. Very nice piece. $380


4-1/4" Flint Ridge Cobbs knife, Found in Southern Ohio, Ex- Lance Wolfe, Ex- Lance Kokas. Nicely made large piece of flint ridge. $160