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1-3/4" Banded Slate Saddle type bannerstone, Found in Clinton Co. OH. Ex- Raymond Vietzen Collection. This piece is salvaged where it had broken anciently, My guess is it broke because of how thin the walls of the banner are. It is super fine and from a great collection. $350 SOLD


1-7/8" Banded Slate Miniature Tube bannerstone, Found in Wayne Co. MI. Ex- Braun, Ex- Ed Payne, Ex- Gilbert Dilley, Ex- Keil. Very fine example of a mini Tube banner. The Slate is also super high grade with excellent banding. $700

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2-3/4" Flint Ridge Paleo Lance, Found in Greenwich Ohio by Charles Enzor. I've had this point in my collection for a number of years and it a great piece. I believe it's pictured somewhere, I just need to look it up. $135 SOLD


1-7/8" Flint Ridge intrusive mound point, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. a rare example of the type in a material you never see them in. $55 SOLD


5" Tan chert Holcombe Point, Found in Newaygo Co. MI. Ex- Mitch Lewis. An absolute giant of a Holcombe point, these points are mid Paleo in origin and are relatives of the Plainview point. This piece is super thin and well made. also notice the fluting platform on the base. Comes with a Dickey COA. $1050


4-1/8" Burlington Polished Flint Celt, Found at the Snyder's Site in Calhoun Co. ILL. Ex- Russo. A great artifact, the side without the writing has nice polish on the whole side. $120 SOLD


4-5/8" Edwards Plateau Chert Goshen Point, Found in Texas Ex- Russo. A large example of the late paleo type. $450 SOLD


2-3/8" Stemmed point, found in Hardin Co. TN. by Larry Wiseman. I'm not sure of the type or the material but it caught my eye in the collection so I kept it. $85


Pair of paleo tools found in Deleware Co. IN. by John Mason. the left one is some sort of knife made of Hornstone, the right one is a sharpened down square knife made of Flint Ridge. both made of nice material. $90 for the pair.


9" Long Roller Pestle made of Schist, Found in Burbank Michigan by Vienna Dodge Pearson. Wonderful old tag on the piece that reads " Found in what is now the Burbank MI. yard. Used by the Dodge family for many years to grind spices in the spice mortar. Presented by Vienna Dodge Pearson. $125 Extra shipping on this one due to size.