4-1/4" Diameter Caddo polished effigy bowl, Found in Arkansas Ex- John Mason. A nice smaller piece with an effigy of some sort of animal on it. I like it because it's polished which is an odd treatment for a bowl. it does have one small crack in it that may be filled or not, I can't tell. $250


Group of 16 Ohio points, All found in Fulton Co. OH. Ex- Uphaus Collection. All of them are in good condition and there is probably some money to be made if sold individually. Largest point is 2-1/4" $ 100 ON HOLD

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Group of 4 Ohio lake Erie Bifuricate points, found in Fulton Co. OH. Ex- Uphaus. A nice group of them, largest one is 1-3/4" $100 for all


Group of Ohio points all from the Morlock collection. Most are flint ridge. largest point is 3". I just realized I some how didn't get the tip of the red point in the pic, the tip is intact and complete. $120 for the group


5" Tan chert Holcombe Point, Found in Newaygo Co. MI. Ex- Mitch Lewis. An absolute giant of a Holcombe point, these points are mid Paleo in origin and are relatives of the Plainview point. This piece is super thin and well made. also notice the fluting platform on the base. Comes with a Dickey COA. $1050 ON HOLD


4-1/4" Flint Ridge Cobbs knife, Found in Southern Ohio, Ex- Lance Wolfe, Ex- Lance Kokas. Nicely made large piece of flint ridge. $200


2-3/4" Super High Grade Boyle Chert Cobbs Knife, Found in Ohio Ex- Don Jardine, Ex- Ron Headlee. $110


4-1/8" Banded Slate chipped and polished point, Found in Erie Co. PA. Ex- Kilguss Collection. A super rare and unique point, I've only ever had a couple of these. $240


Pair of paleo tools found in Deleware Co. IN. by John Mason. the left one is some sort of knife made of Hornstone, the right one is a sharpened down square knife made of Flint Ridge. both made of nice material. $90 for the pair.


1-3/4" Flint Ridge Ashtabula, Found in Ashtabula Co. OH. Ex- Yeagely. A small but well made and nicely colored point. $75

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