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2-1/2" Banded Slate Gorget, found in Indiana Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. Has his signature tag and catalog number 198 on it. One hole is not drilled completely through, there's enough patina and mineral deposits on this piece for 10 pieces. $220


1-1/4" Coshocton Paleo dart point that was used to exhaustion. Found in Ohio Ex- Paul Snider, Ex- Mick VanSteen, Ex- Don Potter. Super neat paleo! $50


3-3/4" Hardstone Hopewell Celt, Found in Stow Ohio Ex- Pack. Super fine and well made celt with squared off sides. Basically perfect. You won't be disappointed in this piece! $145 SOLD



Pair or small Adzes found in the same area in Lawrence Co. OH. by the Rist Family. $65 for the pair


2-7/8" long Galena Gorget, Found in Cass Co. IN. Ex- Warner. Stupid rare piece, these never come up for sale. This is the only one I've ever had. Very nice and well made. $500


3-3/8" White glossy Flint Ridge Intrusive Mound point, Found in Ohio and from an estate in Vermont. An unusually large piece for the type, Extremely thin and well made. $125 


2" Hematite celt, Found in Meigs Co. OH. by the Rist Family. Great celt! $85


7-1/8" Blade, Found in Ohio and from an estate in Vermont. I'm not 100% sure what the material is but my gut is saying that it's Nethers Flint Ridge, mostly based on the pattern in the flint that is visiable in the second pic. The patina on this piece is very thick. The base has grinding on on it and the piece is overall well made. This would make a nice center piece for a blade frame. $500

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4-1/2" Wide banded slate crescent Bannerstone, Found in Randolph Co. IN. Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. This piece is approx. 50% restored. Has Smith's signature red tag and catalog number 10 on it, A very low number and early in his collecting career. Extremely rare form on this banner and rare even with restoration. $600