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5-3/4" Pecked and polished Adze, Found in Auglaize Co. OH. Ex- Pack. A nice and complete example of the type. $70


2" Flint Ridge Bifuricate point, Found in Ohio Ex- Kilguss Collection. Someone has written Hopewell Pt. on it which is completely wrong and easily removed. A killer piece for the type. $75


2-3/8" Carter Cave Fractured Base Decatur, Found in Ross Co. OH. Ex- Ron Helman,Ex- Don Potter. This is another Perfection in flint type of decatur and is rare to see them made of carter cave flint from Ohio. $800


1-1/2" Shell Pendant, Found in Lehigh Co. PA. Ex- Schvenko Collection. AN interesting piece of fossilized shell turned into a pendant. $85


3-1/2" Obsidian Parman Point. I got this in a Hamilton Co. OH. collection but it was obviously collected out in the far West. A neat point. $100


8-1/2" Diameter Pie crust bowl, Found in Pemiscot Co. MO. on the Campbell Site by Jim Humphery in 1956. Completely solid. A heavy bowl that is well made. $700, extra shipping on this piece due to size and being fragile.


2-3/8" Hornstone Dovetail, Found in Washington Co. IN. and was mounted to a board of pieces that hung in a store named the " The Arrowhead" Ex- Alfred Johnson,  Ex- Kilguss Collection. There's a small fire pop on one side of the tip that gives it some roughness but the rest of the point is nice. $60


2-1/2" Flint Ridge Bifuricate, Found in Ohio Ex- Kilguss Collection. Nicely colored flint on this one. $55


2-3/8" Flint Ridge Fractured Base Decatur, Found in Preble Co. OH. Ex- Kendall Saunders, Ex- Charlie " Modoc" Smith, Ex- Tom Ward, Ex- Don Potter. I believe the pictures speak for themselves, this piece is perfection in flint!. $450


2-1/8" Spotted Ft. Payne Bottleneck point, Found in Indiana Ex- Kilguss Collection. Absolutely beautiful material on this one. $70

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