3-1/2" Delaware Chert? Clovis Knife, Found in Perry Co. OH. Ex- Brian Donaldson. $160


1-5/8" Jacks Reef Point, Found in Preble Co. OH. near Lewisburg OH. by Harold Steiner. Super thin. $55


3-3/8" Wide Hardstone Notched Bannerstone, Found in Greene Co. IN. Ex- Orsary. The material might be a form of steatite or diorite, It has nice translucent greenish yellow specks in it. Davis COA. $1000 SOLD


3-1/8" Long Banded Slate Salvaged Birdstone, Found in Huntington Co. IND. north of Simpson, Union Twp. by Earl Bluffton. Ex- Jim Bickel, Jim purchased this bird from Earl in 1942. Jim Bickel Catalog # 263. Pictured Central States April 1990 vol 37 no. 2 in color. Very nice example of a salvaged bird and shows how important these pieces were that even after breaking they were continued to be used. Note the tallies on the back ridge of the bird, I did not count them but they go the length of the ridge. $650


3-3/8" Pink Heat Treated Chert Blade, Found in Delaware Co. OH. Ex- Robert Converse. $55 SOLD


5-1/4" Banded Slate Rectangular Gorget, Found in Montgomery Co. IN. Ex- Jim Prible, Ex- Dave Weir, Ex- Randy Nelson, Ex- John May. Super fine basically perfect piece. $925

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2-1/2" Banded Slate Gorget, found in Indiana Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. Has his signature tag and catalog number 198 on it. One hole is not drilled completely through, there's enough patina and mineral deposits on this piece for 10 pieces. $150


2-5/8" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Ohio Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith, has his signature red catalog tag #219. Large handful of Ohio Hopewell. $365

Miami Valley Artifacts


4-1/2" Slate Tallied Pendant, Found in Ohio. Tallied on top and bottom of the piece. Ex- Earl Mumaw, Ex- Joe Macik, Ex- David Root. $675


3" Flint Ridge blade, Found in Darke Co. OH. Ex- Swick. Nicer blade in hand that these pics. $55