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9" long 3/4 Groove axe, found in Ohio Ex- Kilguss Collection. An absolutely huge axe! Yes there is bit damage but its a good entry level example of a monster axe. I rarely ever get axes this size. $75 plus $15 shipping due to size.


2-1/8" Hardstone Mini Celt. Found in Washington Co. OH. Ex- Yowler Collection. I really like these types of artifacts, a true minature of the full size piece. What were they even used for? Well amde and basically perfect. $65


4-1/16" Hornsone Blade, Found in S.W. Indiana, Ex- Lance Wolfe, Ex- Lewis. A thinner and better made blade than most and is probably an Archaic preform of sorts. $165


2-1/2" Banded slate pendant, found in Ohio, Ex- Lutz, Ex- Morlock. Nice smaller pendant. the small amount of sticker residue should come off easily. $75


3-1/2" Upper Mercer Meadow Wood, Found in Ohio. This piece came from an estate in Vermont, all the pieces that I have seen from the collection look to be Ohio. I could not get a name on the estate. A super nice meadow wood that is made nicer than most. $150

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8-1/2" Diameter Pie crust bowl, Found in Pemiscot Co. MO. on the Campbell Site by Jim Humphery in 1956. Completely solid. A heavy bowl that is well made. $400, extra shipping on this piece due to size and being fragile.


1-11/16" Flint Ridge Sidenotch, Found in Ohio Ex- Morlock. Great colors on this and the neat part is the black dot is a little bit of Flint Ridge Nethers sneeking into some gem flint. $40


4-5/8" Banded slate celt, Found in Delaware Co. IN. near Muncie by the Bowdell family. A neat relic that you usually don't see intact, this one has a perfect bit and is complete minus some use damage to the pole end. Also shows some pecking marks left over from the manufacturing prcess. $85


2" Flint Ridge Bifuricate point, Found in Ohio Ex- Kilguss Collection. Someone has written Hopewell Pt. on it which is completely wrong and easily removed. A killer piece for the type. $55


4-5/8" Hornstone Cache blade, Found in S.W. Indiana Ex- Lewis Ex- Wolfe. Beautiful banding and coloration on this blade. $165