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3-3/4" Banded Slate Gorget. Found in Fayetteville, Brown Co. OH. by Wade Fischer on his farm. Some minor impliment damage mostly just scratches, the larger damaged portion is smoothed over and salvaged anciently. $95 SOLD

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2-7/8" Blue & White Flint Ridge Thebes, Found in Richland Co. OH. by Doug Jones. A very attractive color combination, I've also had this point in my collection for a number of years. My camera took only blurry pics of this point for some reason, it's wonderful in hand. $260 SOLD


2-1/4" Coshocton Stemmed Bifuricated point. Found in Ohio Ex- Jan Sorgenfrei Collection. A neat odd variation on a traditional bifuricate. $50 SOLD


1-3/4" Flint Ridge Side Notch, found in Ohio Ex- Jan Sorgenfrei collection. Well made with great red color. $50 SOLD


2-3/8" Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Ohio Ex- Jan Sorgenfrei collection. Another super colorful piece, you can see the red and yellow but in the white part its a blue green color as well. $120 SOLD


4" long Ohio Half Groove Axe. Found near Lebanon Ohio. I've had this axe for a long time. I can say this is the only half groove axe I've ever seen from Ohio. It's very odd, most of the half groove axes are from the Illinois area. $360 SOLD


2-3/8" Stemmed point, found in Hardin Co. TN. by Larry Wiseman. I'm not sure of the type or the material but it caught my eye in the collection so I kept it. $85


2-1/2" Tall Banded Slate crescent bannerstone, Found near Prarieton IN. by Bill Petty. I purchased this from the finder. A killer piece of slate and a work horse of a banner. $500 SOLD


2-1/4" Flint Ridge Blade, found in Hamilton Co. OH. Nice smaller blade that is translucent. $40 SOLD


2-1/8" Coshocton Hopewell, Found in Butler Co. OH. by Walter Reasch. A beautiful navy blue color and a nice point. $75 SOLD