3-1/2" Flint Ridge Cache Blade, Found in Ohio. Great colors in the material on this one, and yes it does have green in it, along with many other colors. Darn shame the one edge is beat up but still colorful and large. $75

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2-5/8" Flint Ridge E-Notch Thebes, Found in Ohio Ex- Charles " Modoc" Smith. Really nice material on the blade and kinda cherty towards the base. Still a nice piece with good collector history. $95


2-3/8" Colorful Flint Rigde Cache Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. The indentation on the base I at first thought was a ding but after looking at it closer it appers to be the beginnings of a notch for hafting. I've never had a piece that was finished but was partially notched like this. Neat piece. $85


Pair of Ohio Heavy Duty Points, Longest is 2-5/8" left one is Horstone and the right one is Flint Ridge. $80


Pair of Ohio Archaic Points, Longest is 2-1/2", Both are made of Flint Ridge and the left one is a dog leg thebes the other is a probably a type of dovetail. $65


Pair of Ohio Hopewells, Longest is 2-3/4". $55


1-7/8" Flint Ridge Un-fluted Clovis, Found in Ohio Ex- Charles "Modoc" Smith. $75


Pair of Ohio Thebes points, Longest is 2-7/8". $65


Pair of Ohio Archaic flints, One is a dovetail the other is a dog leg thebes, I feel the material is Flint Ridge but I could be wrong. Longest is 2-7/8" $65


Pair of Coshoction Archaic flints, Found in Ohio. longest is 2-3/4. $50

All items on this page are from the collection of Charles "Modoc" Smith.

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