3-1/4" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Medina Co. OH. Ex- Henry Seldon, Macy Hollock, Jim Miller, Mike Moran. Pictured in Who's Who #3 and Who's Who #9. $365


1-3/8" Carter Cave Intrusive Mound point, Found in Scioto Co. OH. by Larry Wallace. $28 SOLD


3-1/4" Striped chert Blade, Found in Indiana, Ex- C.C. "Modoc" Smith and has his Red tag and catalog number 215 on it. $70

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5" Banded Slate Sandal Sole Gorget, Found in Hardin Co. OH. Ex- John Rummel, Ex- John May. Super banding on this piece and hints of engraving on one side. $685 SOLD


1-3/4" Flint Ridge Pentagonal, Found in Ohio, Ex- Don Potter. Thin and fine. $100


2-7/8" Coshocton Fractured Base Decatur, Found in Ohio Ex- John Davidson, Norman Kley, Harold Steiner. A super piece that's well made and has great material. There is a tiny tiny ding on the tip but it's hardly noticeable. Super hard to get piece. $400


3-1/2" Banded Slate Gorget, Found in Adams Co. OH. Ex- Mel Wilkens Ex- John May. $325


5-1/16" Burlington Dalton, Found in Pike Co. ILL. Ex-Rev. Robert Heike. Heike was an early dealer in Illinois and purchased many of his pieces to sell from the Edward Payne collection which was being sold off at the time. Very large and well made Dalton. $800

Miami Valley Artifacts


7-1/2" Hardstone Celt, Found in the town of Whitewater, Cape Girardeau Co. Missouri by Bob Muire, Ex- Robert Morrison Estate. The information I have about the estate is that it was a 4 generation collection that was stored away in a trunk for many years, I was also told there were pictures of some of the other artifacts that dated from the 1920's. This celt is very large and well made, almost has a flare bit to it. Great opportunity to get a super piece of hardstone with great history. $300 ON HOLD


1-1/4" Paoli Bifuricate, Found in Scioto Co. OH. by Larry Wallace. $21 SOLD