3-1/4" Flint Ridge Meadow Wood point, Found in Ohio Ex- Ebosh, Ex- Olenick. Great color on this piece, which is a type you rarely see colored ridge on. $100

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3-3/4" Coshocton Dovetail. Found in Crawford Co. OH. Ex- Fisher collection. Very showy piece of flint that is well made and a handful for sure. $165 SOLD


5-3/8" Flint Ridge blade, Found in Allen Co. OH. Ex- John Anspaugh. Very large handful of ridge that has a nice blue color to it. $ 165


REPRODUCTIONS not that these would fool anyone. Old Edwards Chert Eccentric " Grey Ghost" These were in an old collection I purchased and I wasn't going to put them on my site but what the heck. $120 for the pair, I know they sell for more than this but I don't want them. the largest one is 8"


2-5/16" Carter Cave Ft. Ancient Knife, found in Hamilton Co. OH. Ex- Kilguss Collection.  Nice smaller blade made of super high quality carter flint. $45


4-3/4" Banded Slate two hole Shovel Pendant. Found in Hancock Co. OH. Ex- Byron Anderson, Ex- Mitch Lewis, Ex- Schleich, Ex- Olenick. A very rare piece to say the least, it's hard to get a shovel pandant and even harder to get one with two holes. I really like the small indentations that make it a shovel pendant. $600 SOLD

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5-1/2" Harrodsberg Pig Sticker point. Found in Allen Co. OH. by Jim Ansley. I call them pig stickers for lack of a better term but they resemble hopewell points to me. $110


2" Coshocton Thebes, Found in Franklin Co. OH. Ex- Schleigh. Nice Thebes but it has a small impact fracture on the tip, priced accordingly. $45 SOLD


4" Crooksville Chert Decatur, Found in Scioto Co. OH. Ex- Richard Schively, Ex- Schleich. So, this material is crazy rare and it's on one of the largest decaturs I've ever seen, sure it has a few dings but it's a super piece. Base is heavely ground and actually has two small fractures on it like it should but its hard to tell that with the size of the base on this one. $ 185 ON HOLD


3 Flint Ridge Pentagonals, All found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Jones Collection. The largest piece is 2-1/16" Long. $75 for all 3