2-1/2" Zeleski Heavy Duty, Found in Switzerland Co. IN. near the Ohio River by John Henry, Ex- John Rummel, Ex- Don Potter. Extremely fine and well made of dark black glossy flint, great flaking and a nice median ridge. $150


2-1/2" Flint Ridge Adena, Found near Sandusky Ohio, Ex- Roth, Ex- Olenick. OSU colors on this one! $55


2-1/8" Red Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Licking Co. OH. Ex- Roth, Ex- Olenick. Great color. $55

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1-5/8" Serrated corner notch, Found in Washington Co. IN. and was mounted to a board of pieces that hung in a store named " The Arrowhead" Ex- Alfred Johnson,  Ex- Kilguss Collection. Beautiful small perfect point. $50


6" long Hardstone Celt, Found in Hamilton Co. OH. Ex- John Deihl Collection. Very well made with nice polish on the bit. There is what looks like ink on the top of the piece that may have spilled on it, I've not made an attempt to remove it. A very nice larger size celt. $100


3-1/2" Orange translucent Flint ridge Hopewell, Found in Ohio and from an estate in Vermont. Yes it has some damage but the material is out of this world nice. a great candidate for restoration or just enjoy it for what it is. $65


2-5/8" Moss Agate Hopewell, Found in Ohio. From an estate in Vermont. I'm not sure how the pieces ended up in Vermont but everything is clearly Ohio. Very high grade of moss agate with color in it and a nice form as well. $135


4-1/8" Blue Coshocton Meadowood, Found in Ohio, Ex- Vandever. As far as meadowoods go this is about as good as it gets. the material is very high grade with great color and it is very large for the type. $375


2-5/8" Grey Flint Ridge Ft. Ancient Blade, found in Ohio Ex- Jack Hooks, Ex- Todd Harding, Ex- Don Potter. Super thin and finely made. $65


2-3/8" Flint Ridge Hopewell, Found in Hocking Co. OH. Ex- Mel Wilkins, Ex- Harding.  A nice litle gem that is very translucent with good collector history. $ 120

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