3-7/16" Coshocton Adena, Found in Ohio Ex- A. T. Wehrle, Ex- Dr. Kistler. Great contrasting colors on this one with a great linage of owners. $185 SOLD


2-3/4" Sonora Adena with salvaged base, Found in Hardin Co. KY. Ex- Orsary. Very nice colors. $40

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3-7/8" Long Banded Slate Birdstone, Found in Portage Co. OH. Ex- Donald O. Boudeman Ex- Floyd Ritter, Jim Bickel cat# 445, Gary Noel, Tom Davis. Salvaged every way possible. There is even a mouth carved on the salvaged neck. Pictured Illinois Archaeological Journal July 1948 Pg. 33, Illinois Archaeological Journal July 1949, front cover, Prehistoric American 1983 Birdstone Issue pg 9. $3800


4-1/2" x 2-3/16" Olive Green Chlorite Bannerstone, Found in Knox Co. OH. Ex- Mitch Lewis. Small break out on one side is glued back in, Obviously missing the tip of one wing but still a crazy rare artifact. These come up for sale next to never. $595


2-7/16" Carter Cave Adena, Found in Clark Co. Kentucky, Ex- Orsary. $65


2-1/8" Carter Cave Motley with a needle tip, Found in Clark Co. KY. Ex- Orsary. $65


3" Colorful Blade, Found in Franklin Co. OH. Ex- Bruce Springer. $85 SOLD


2-7/8" Carter Cave Buck Creek, Found in Kentucky, Ex- Tom Davis. One tang is sharpened off. $60 SOLD


3-1/2" Hornstone Blade, Found in Ohio Ex- Doug Hooks.  An interesting note on this blade is that the tip is anciently ground, a theory out there says that these type of blades were halfted with the tip in the handle. $75

Miami Valley Artifacts


2" Carter Cave Bifuricate, Found in Clark Co. Kentucky Ex- Orsary. $40