2-7/8" Coshocton Hip Roof base Dovetail, Found in Ohio. Exceptional color in the material on this one and a rarer form of base in Ohio. The tag says WC on it, I have no idea what that means. $165


4-3/4" Laurel Chert Cobbs Blade, Found in Indiana. Large and intact blade from a great collector. $120


1-15/16" Indiana Green Mini Dovetail. Found in Indiana. A true miniature dovetail made of rare Ind. Green. $85 SOLD


1-15/16" Logan Co. Chert Pinetree, Found in Indiana. Wafer thin and well made. $65


3-1/2" Hardstone full groove axe, Found in Indiana. Great polish and use wear on this axe. $120


5-1/4" Hardstone, 3/4 groove axe, Found in Indiana, probably on the Smith Farm. $165

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4-1/4" Hardstone 3/4 groove axe, Found in Indiana on the Charles Smith Farm, Has Smith's red tag and catalog number 285 on it. $225


2-1/8" Red & Pink Miniature Dovetail, Found in Ohio. Great colors and a true miniature that almost could be called a drill. Neat piece with good colors and collector history. Still has some old pitch or glue remaining on it. $110 SOLD


3-1/4" Striped chert Blade, Found in Indiana, Has Smith's Red tag and catalog number 215 on it. $95


2" Gem grade Flint Ridge triangle. Found in Ohio. Exceptional material and color on this type of point. $55

All pieces on this page are from the collection of Charles "Modoc" Smith.

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