2-5/8" Striped Carter Cave Dovetail. Found in Indiana. Very high grade of Carter flint on this one. It also has a neat indented base. $70 SOLD


Group of 9 Drills, found in Ohio. All are complete. Longest is 2-7/8" $150

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All pieces on this page are from the Charles "Modoc" Smith Collection.


3-1/8" Flint Ridge Thebes Drill, Found in Ohio. This is in my opinion an exceptional drill, It's completely intact, the material is high grade, it's a Thebes, and it has excellent old time collector history. Part of the drill frame that can be seen in Who's Who 4 on the wall $225 SOLD


4" Hornstone Cobbs blade, Found in Indiana, Has Smith's Red tag and catalog number 270 on it. Well made and good glossy material on this piece, it actually has a hint of purple in the area near the cortex. $245


4" Flint Ridge Hopewell "pig sticker" Found in Ohio on the Midland Farm. I call it a pig sticker for lack of a better term but I've heard them called that before. Large and diamond shape in cross section. A great piece. $175


3-1/4" Flint Ridge Corner Notch, Found in Ohio. Could be a Neuberger or some related type. The material is very eye catching, the light color areas are cherty while the dark color areas are higher quality material. Hard to tell in the pics but the tip is intact, I just caught it at a odd angle on the first pic. $165


6-1/4" Banded Slate Un-finished Expanded Center Gorget, Found in Indiana. Completely polished but the bottom hasn't been flatted and it's not drilled. Nicely banded and huge. $145

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4-1/2" Hornstone Blade, Found in Indiana. $95


2-7/8" Flint Ridge Drill. Found in Ohio. Nice drill but not as nice as 9.6. Still a complete drill. $100


2-3/4" Flint Ridge Blade, Found in Ohio. $55