3-1/4" Wide banded slate bannerstone, Found near Resnick in Portage Co. OH. Ex- Josh Britt, Ex- Lance Kokas. A true workhorse of a banner if I've ever seen one, It's probably been used and beat up and reshaped many time and still was used. Completely drilled and no brainer authentic. $300 SOLD


3-3/4" Orange Flint Ridge Adena, Found in Ohio Ex- Josh Britt, Ex- Lance Kokas. Orange flint ridge in my opinion is the hardest color to get by far, it outcrops in only one location and rarely travels far from it's source. Absolutely beautiful piece. $275


4-1/8" Coshocton Thebes, Found in Delaware Co. OH. By Terry Beck on his family farm near Ashley Ohio. Ex- Terry Yerian. Extremely large Thebes for Ohio and it's made of coshocton that has a great yellow color patina. I rarely let go thebes like this. $1600


Pair of paleo tools found in Deleware Co. IN. by John Mason. the left one is some sort of knife, the right one is a sharpened down square knife. both made of nice material. $90 for the pair. 


3-1/4" Hardstone Chisel, found in Scioto Co. OH. Ex- Joe Reddick, Ex- David Warner, Ex- Byron Anderson, Ex- Mitch Lewis, Ex- John Rummel. The piece has super polish and is extremely fine and well made, the long list of previous owners isn't too shabby either. $225


2-3/4" Upper Mercer Shouldered Knife, Found in Wood Co. OH. Ex- Don Jardine, Ex- Ron Headlee, Ex- Don Potter. A very nice and good sized piece for a rare type. $110


1-1/4" Coshocton Paleo dart point that was used to exhaustion. Found in Ohio Ex- Paul Snider, Ex- Mick VanSteen, Ex- Don Potter. Super neat paleo! $50


1-1/4" Upper Mercer Hopewell point, that was used to exhaustion, Found in Ohio, Ex- Walter Sims, Ex- Dick Coulter, Ex- Don Potter. $45

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1-5/8" Ft. Payne Intrusive Mound Drill, Found in Humpfreys Co. TN. Ex- Overstreet, Ex- Tommy Beutell, Ex- Mitch Lewis, Ex- John Rummel. Very Delicate and razor thin, has great collector history as well. $65

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4-5/8" Flint Ridge cache blade, Found in Franklin Co. OH. Ex- Josh Britt, Ex- Lance Kokas. A good size chunk of ridge. $85 SOLD